Women & Gender Studies Institute

Aarzoo Singh

email : aarzoo.singh@mail.utoronto.ca

Aarzoo Singh is a PhD student at the Women & Gender Studies Institute, University of Toronto. She completed her undergraduate degree at Ryerson University in Fashion Design and her Master’s degree from Queen’s University in Gender Studies. Her MA research focused on the theoretical and experiential connections between objects, things, locations, displacement, and migration for the South Asian Diaspora. Her work draws on diaspora, affect, postcolonial, and thing theories. Her PhD dissertation will expand on this project to emphasize the ways in which objects that are laden with memory, emotion, and affect illuminates migratory cultures and the politics of home. Aarzoo was awarded the University of Toronto Jackman Junior Fellowship in 2014 and has presented in The Graduate Visual Culture Association’s thirteenth annual Context and Meaning Graduate Student Conference in Kingston, Ontario. Aside from academia, Aarzoo is also interested in theatre arts and performance communities having been involved with Chipped Off: A Queer Theatre Collective. She acted in the collective’s 2013 production of “How to Bake a Pie in Ten Steps or Less: A Transgender Fairytale”, wrote and performed in the 2014 production of Hairlines with her piece titled: “Unibrows, Moustaches, and Other Brown Girl Problems”, and performed the piece “Blood Bath” in the 2013 production of The Down There Monologues.