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Huai Bao, Post-Doctoral Fellow

phone : 416-978-0290

office : 2016

email : huai.bao@utoronto.ca

Dr. Huai Bao received his Ph.D. in the Department of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, Simon Fraser University. Since 2010, he has published two books and over 14 refereed journal articles, and has presented research at numerous places including the University of Oxford. He worked in film and TV industry for years before settling into academia.


Dr. Huai Bao has a broad range of research interests–Global genders and sexualities, gender politics in Asia and the Global South, Chinese transgender celebrity studies, sexual artifice and gender transgression in performance, media and new technology, East Asian religions, China-and-Vatican relationship, and critical race theory. For the past few years, his substantial research has focused on the interplay between sexuality and spirituality in Western and East Asian religions. Dr. Bao loves traveling and adventures, and has conducted extensive fieldwork in Asia, Europe and North America.


Change Destiny (gai ming) (collected by American Library of Congress). In Chinese. Beijing: New World Press. 2012.

Vibrations (ci chang) (collected by Vancouver Public Library). In Chinese. Beijing: New World Press. 2010.


Select Refereed Articles/Book Chapters:

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Women Suffrage and Beyond (Canada): The Democratic Project: 20 Chinese Women’s Attitudes towards Suffrage and Referendum. In English. August 20, 2016.

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Women Suffrage and Beyond (Canada): “Gender Trouble” in Model Plays: A Different Kind of Feminism? In English. May 26, 2013.

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Journal of Community Positive Practices (Europe): Buddhism: Rethinking Sexual Misconduct. In English. Volume 2. June 2012. 303-321.


Book/Media/Social Issue Reviews:

Journal of Homosexuality (USA): Media Review: A Jihad for Love. In English. 60 (5): 796-800. 2013.

Art and Literature Periodical (Wen yi bao) (PRC): A Retrospect of the Immigrant Journey. In Chinese. Reprinted. July 18, 2014.

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