Women & Gender Studies Institute

Huda Hassan

email : aminahuda.hassan@mail.utoronto.ca


Huda Hassan is a PhD student in Women and Gender Studies, University of Toronto. She holds a Master of Arts in Humanities from York University, and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in African Studies, Philosophy, and Political Science from University of Toronto. 

Huda works as a journalist and cultural commentator in Toronto. Exploring race, gender, identity and community, her work has appeared in The National Post, CBC, CTV News, NOW Magazine, BuzzFeed and more. As a public speaker, Huda has led workshops and conducted keynote speeches in various spaces (York University, Women’s Health Centre, OISE-University of Toronto, and more).

For her dissertation project Huda is interested in criminality, black masculinity, and mass-mediated inscriptions of Black and Muslim bodies in Canadian mass media, particularly in the wake of Canadian media’s investigative reports on Rob Ford as an alleged user of crack-cocaine in 2013. Her research areas of interest include critical race theory, black studies, cultural studies, media theory, and post-colonialism. 

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