Cross-Listed Courses

The following courses are offered by graduate units collaborating with the Graduate Collaborative Specialization in Women and Gender Studies. Master’s and Ph.D. students in CWGS may take any of these courses to satisfy program requirements, with the permission of the offering unit. Not all courses are offered each year.  Course descriptions and timetables are available from the collaborating units.  Courses not included on this list may be reviewed for credit upon request.  Petitions for credit should include a cover letter explaining why the course should be considered to satisfy program requirements, as well as a copy of the syllabus for the course. Petitions must be approved by the WGSI Graduate Coordinator. The courses listed below may also be found in the annual SGS Calendar.

Anthropology (not up-to-date)
Students must complete an individual reading and research course form before enrolling (available from department).
ANT6017H Post-colonial Science Studies and the Cultural Politics of Knowledge Translation
ANT7001H Medical Anthropology I
ANT7002H Medical Anthropology II
JAL1155H Language and Gender

Cinema Studies
CIN1005H  Textuality of the Cinematic Body (L0101)
CIN6153H  Race and Cinema
CIN6803H  Intertextuality in Feminist Cinema: The Counter-cinematic Impulse
CIN1772H  The Politics of Non-Fiction Film

CLA5000H Early Greek Epic
CLA5007H Criticism of Latin Poetry
CLA5009H Literature of the Roman Republic
CLA5015H Latin Poetry of the Empire
CLA5023H Topics in the Study of Roman Literature and Culture
CLA5024H Topics in the Study of Roman Society

Comparative Literature
COL5127H Queer Ethics and Aesthetics of Existence

CRI1020H Law and Society: Theoretical Perspectives

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning
(OISE—not up-to-date)
CTL1012H Curriculum for Girls and Young Women: Historical and Contemporary Issues
CTL1309H Les stéréotypes sexuels dans les programmes scolaires
CTL1313H Gender Equity in the Classroom

Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies

DRA1001H History of the Theatre I
DRA1002H History of the Theatre II

(not up-to-date)
ENG2007H Gendered Song in the Early Modern Context
ENG2429H Gender, Courtesy, and Civility in Early Modern England
ENG4875H George Elliot
ENG5058H Magic Realism(s): Postcolonialism and Postmodernism
ENG6522H Transnational Masculinity in Literature and Culture
ENG6525H Environmental Criticism and Postcolonial Discourse
ENG6554H Race and Gender in Indigenous Law and Literature
ENG5787H The Poetics of Haunting in Canadian Fiction

French Language and Literature
(not up-to-date)
FRE2035H Autour de l’intime en France: les écrits contemporains des femmes
FRE2036H Confi gurations du genre sexuel dans la prose contemporaine des femmes
FRE2103H La nouvelle québécoise contemporaine: l’émergence des voix feminines

(not up-to-date)
JPG145H Global Environmental Justice and Social Movements
JPG1501H The Political Economy of Cities
JPG1505H The Multicultural City: Diversity, Policy and Planning
JPG1506H State/Space/Difference: Understanding the New Social Geography of the State
JPG1615H Planning and the Social Economy
JPG1805H Transnationalism, Diaspora and Gender
JPG1815H Political Economy, the Body, and Health

Germanic Languages and Literatures
(not up-to-date)
GER1710H Weimar Cinema
GER1772H Politics of the Non-Fiction Film
JGC1660H Modernism and the Other

Health Policy, Management and Evaluation
(not up-to-date)
JNH 5001H Health Care Settings, Site and Human Well Being

(not up-to-date)
HIS1004H History and Biopolitics
HIS1020H Cultural/Theory/Cultural History
HIS1101H Race and Gender in the Northern Colonies of North America
HIS1112H Canada in Comparative Contexts, Gender, Labour, Migration
HIS1117H Canada: Colonialism/Postcolonialism
HIS1230H The Sexes in the Western World
HIS1245H Gender, Men and Women in Europe 1500-1900
HIS1533H Gender and International Relations
HIS1555H Gender and Slavery in the Atlantic World, Seventeenth to Nineteenth Century
HIS1667H Transnational Gender Histories
HIS1720H Historical Narratives of Caribbean Decolonization

Social Justice Education
SES1912H Foucault and Research in Education
SES1919H Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice
SES1921Y The Principles of Anti-Racism Education
SES1922H Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
SES1923H Racism, Violence and the Law: Issues for Researchers and Educators
SES1926H Race, Space and Citizenship: Issues for Educators
SES1927H Migration and Globaliztion
SES1930H Race, Indigenous Citizenship and Self-Determination: Decolonizing Perspectives
SES1954H Marginality and the Politics of Resistance
SES1956H Social Relations of Cultural Production in Education
SES1957H Doing Disability in Theory and Everyday Life
SES1982H Women, Diversity, and the Educational System
SES1989H Black Feminist Thought
SES1992H Feminism and Poststructuralist in Education
SES2910H Changes in Families and Policy Consequences for Government and Education
SES3910H Advanced Research Seminar on Race and Anti-Racism Research Methodology in Education
JHS3932H Women and High Education
SES3933H Globalization and Transnationality: Feminist Perspective
TPS1406H Sexuality and the History of Education
TPS1426H The History of Gender and Education in Canada
TPS1430H Gendered Colonialisms, Imperialisms & Nationalisms in History
TPS1439H Gender, Ethics and Education: Philosophical Issues
TPS1442H Cultural and Racial Difference in Education: Philosophical Perspectives
TPS1462H Women, Literature, and Education
TPS1488H Feminist Theory, Musical Experience, and Music Education
TPS3417H Research Seminar in Feminist Criticism, Aesthetics, and Pedagogy

INF2124H Surveillance and Identity
INF2240H Political Economy and Cultural Studies of Information
INF2242H Study of Information and Knowledge Practice

Kinesiology and Physical Education
EXS5507H Desire and Bodies in Place
EXS5511H Hormonal Aspects of Women’s Health and Exercise: A Focus on Reproductive and Bone Health Issues
EXS5519H Theories of the Body and Transcendence

Leadership, Higher and Adult Education

LHA1113H         Gender and Hierarchy at Work
LHA1143H         Introduction to Feminist Perspectives on Society and Education
LHA1146H         Women, War and Learning
LHA1426H         The History of Gender and Education in Canada
LHA1430H         Gendered Colonialisms, Imperialisms & Nationalisms in History
LHA3153H         Global Perspectives on Feminist Education, Community Development, and Community Transformation
LHA3181H         Feminist Standpoints: Critical and Post-Structural Approaches

Medieval Studies
MST 3103H Gender and Desire in the Spirituality of Aelred of Rievaulx

Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations
NMC1608H Life Cycle and Personal Status in Judaism
NMC1609H Gender-Related Topics in Law and Religion

NUR1021H Nursing Ethics
NUR1040H Issues in Women’s Health Care

PHL2140H Feminist Philosophy
JPW2118H Philosophical Foundations of Women’s Studies

Political Science
POL2024Y Feminist Theory: Challenges to Legal and Political Thought
POL2038H Pluralism, Justice and Equality: Imaginaries of Global Justice and Global Discoveries
POL 2316H Women and Politics
JPJ2049H Women’s Rights in International Law

Public Health Sciences
CHL5109H Gender and Health
CHL5117H A Global Perspective on the Health of Women and Children
CHL5704H International Human Rights Law and Global Health: The Right to Health in Theory and Practice
CHL5117H Women and Women’s Health in Countries in Conflict

RLG2008H Sex, Gender, Body in Religion
RLG2025H Religious Thought
RLG3590H Islam and Sexuality

Social Work
SWK4420H Human Rights and Social Justice
SWK4609H Sexuality, Sexual Diversity and Social Work Practice
SWK4623H Violence in Families: Multilevel Intervention in Interdisciplinary Practice
SWK4624H Feminist Social Work Practice

SOC6017H Sociology of Families I
SOC6117H Sociology of Families II
SOC6019H Gender Relations I
SOC6119H Gender Relations II

SPA2805H Representations of Women in Latin American Culture