Women & Gender Studies Institute

Course Timetables

The Women & Gender Studies Institute offers graduate courses during the fall/winter session.  Enrolment restrictions apply to required courses in the Master’s Program in Women and Gender Studies (MWGS).  Enrolment priority is given to students registered in the Master’s, Ph.D. or Collaborative Program in Women and Gender Studies.  UofT Students should contact the WGSI Program Office at grad.womenstudies@utoronto.ca.  The Institute does not offer graduate courses in the summer session.


MWGS 2014-2015 course timetable (PDF)

MWGS 2013-2014 course timetable (PDF)

MWGS 2012-2013 course timetable (PDF)

MWGS 2011-2012 course timetable (PDF)