Women & Gender Studies Institute

Registration and Enrollment

There are 6 steps to register and enroll.  These are, in order:

  1. Clear all admission conditions outlined in your offer of admission.  Until all conditions are cleared, you will not be able to register at UofT.  If possible, please do this by June/early July.  For more information, see below.
  2. Obtain a UTmail address (UofT email address) and T-Card (UofT student card).  For details, go to the School of Graduate Studies’ Information for New Students page.
  3. Set up your UofT online student account, also referred to as your Student Web Service/ROSI student account.
  4. Pay or defer your fees. When your fees have been paid or deferred you are considered registered with the School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto.   Fee deferrals are done online via your student account.  Most incoming students choose this option.  Note that if you defer your fees, this simply means they need not be paid in August.  They must still be paid by late Fall.
  5. Activate Internal and External award payments – both University of Toronto Fellowship and external awards such as SSHRC and OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarship).
  6. Register for courses.  This has two steps: a) students enroll in UofT courses via the Student Web Service (SWS) and b) students submit a form to WGSI. Registration procedures are discussed in detail at the departmental orientation in early September.

a)      Clearing Admission Conditions.  If you are newly admitted to one of our programs and have been admitted with conditions, please ensure that the conditions are satisfied on or before August 31, 2013.  The conditions were outlined in your letter of offer. Normally, the mailing of a final transcript and a letter from your university’s registrar’s office to the department is all that is required to clear the conditions.

b)      Fees.  The Student Accounts Office will NOT mail fees invoices and information sheets.  Students must now check (and print if desired) their invoice from their SWS/ROSI account.  Please review the information about fees on the Student Accounts website.  A student may temporarily register without making a fee payment in the following situations: Students with internal UofT fellowships may request registration without fee payment, or fee deferral.  If you are receiving UofT fellowship monies that are greater than the minimum first payment (as shown on your fees invoice), please go online to your SWS/ROSI student account and indicate that you wish to defer your fees.  If possible, please defer your fees by July, 2013.  Please notify the WGSI Graduate Administrator when you have deferred your fees (email address: grad.womenstudies@utoronto.ca or 416-978-3668).

c)      Fellowship Installments.  Award payments are issued only to students who are registered and who have a current (not expired) MAILING address on their SWS/ROSI account.  For both internal and external awards, funds will be deposited directly into the student’s bank account, or, if a student does not choose payment via direct deposit, a cheque will be mailed by Student Accounts to the MAILING address listed on your SWS/ROSI account.  Students set up banking information via their student account. In order to ensure timely payment, STUDENTS MUST ensure that their mailing address on ROSI is current (not expired) and that the banking information is updated by August 20, 2013. Incoming students who do not have a current mailing address and bank account may use the department address as a mailing address in order to receive their award payment at the department. Students are encouraged to enable direct deposit on ROSI as this is the quickest way to receive September installments.

d)     Departmental Orientation.  There is an orientation for newly admitted graduate students on Wednesday, September 4, 2013Plan to be here all day.  This orientation will introduce you to faculty, review program requirements and course registration procedures, and clarify questions about funding.  Please bring proof of payment from ROSI to the Women and Gender Studies Institute, 40 Willcocks St, Room 2036.

e)      TCard.  All students are required to have a photo-ID card, which serves as both a student card and a library card.  Cards can be obtained at Robarts Library, Rm 2054A. You will need to show two pieces of identification – one with photo-ID and one with your student number (Offer of Admission Letter or fee invoice).  For hours of service check http://www.utoronto.ca/tcard/

f)       Course Registration.  Prior to choosing and enrolling into courses, you must meet with your advisor to go over your choice of courses and to discuss your program. Your advisor must sign the course enrollment form.  This form must be submitted to the Graduate Program Administrator by SEPTEMBER 20, 2013 to confirm your enrollment in courses. You must also enroll in courses on SWS.

Before meeting with your advisor, you should establish a preliminary idea about which courses you want to take. During the summer, WGSI publishes a timetable of all graduate courses to be offered in the upcoming academic year by faculty members of the Institute (including all cross-listings with cognate departments). The timetable is emailed to newly admitted and current students and is available in print at the Institute. This is a tentative schedule of courses. Course descriptions will be posted during the summer as we receive them from faculty. The list will also include courses that received approval too late to be published in the WGSI Graduate Handbook or the SGS Calendar. Students will be able to enroll into courses using ROSI as of September 1, 2013. There are no limits for WGSI graduate students to get into WGSI graduate courses. Newly admitted students will be automatically enrolled into required/core graduate courses.

Students are eligible to take any course offered in the School of Graduate Studies for which they have prerequisite knowledge, on condition that the instructors and departments offering the courses grant permission.   The course drop/add form is available on the School of Graduate Studies (SGS)’s Student Forms and Letters webpage.  The complete 2012-2013 SGS Calendar is also available on the SGS website.

Also review the SGS’s Essential Grad Guide.

OFF-Campus Registration: Students who are not on campus for a period of more than four weeks must submit an off-campus registration request.  Off-campus requests are normally granted for academic purposes such as fieldwork.  Students who are returning from the field or who have been off-campus must register their return to campus with the Graduate Administrator upon their return.  The Off-campus registration form is available at the SGS’s Student Forms and Letters webpage.

Using the Student Web Service (ROSI) 

The Student Web Service (ROSI) provides students and alumni of the University of Toronto with direct access to certain portions of their University records on ROSI. To gain access you have to provide a valid student number and a valid Personal Identification Number.  Students are required to add and drop courses using ROSI.  Students can also vote in student elections, order transcripts, update addresses, etc.  Alumni can order transcripts.  Some services, such as course enrollment and elections, are available only during periods specified by relevant faculties or organizations.   For details, go to the SWS/ROSI website.