Women & Gender Studies Institute


Admission to the Ph.D. Program in Women and Gender Studies requires that students have attained the appropriate breadth and depth of background in undergraduate and/or master’s studies to undertake coursework and other degree requirements at the Ph.D. level. WGSI interprets equivalency very broadly, and considers courses taken in departments other than Women and Gender Studies as potentially appropriate, so long as the course content or the student’s work in the course included substantial study of women and gender.

WGSI also requires that faculty members be available in the student’s area of interest, in order to ensure that the student can be rigorously trained in appropriate theories, analytics and methods. Applicants are encouraged to identify WGSI faculty with whom they want to conduct Ph.D. research. Students will be assigned an advisor upon admission to the Ph.D. program. WGSI cannot admit students to the Ph.D. program, regardless of their qualifications, unless an advisor is available. The program is available on a full-time basis only.  Admission to the Ph.D. program is offered under the general and degree regulations of the School of Graduate Studies via one of two routes:

Ph.D. Admission Eligibility from a Master’s Degree

Completion of Master’s degree in Women and Gender Studies (or a cognate subject with significant focus on women and gender studies), or its equivalent from a recognized university, with an average grade of at least an A- in the applicant’s overall program.  See Program Requirements.

Ph.D. Admission Eligibility from a Bachelor’s Degree

In exceptional cases, “direct-entry” admission is also offered to outstanding students with well-defined projects who have completed a bachelor’s degree with a concentration in Women and Gender Studies, or a cognate subject from a recognized university.  Admission as a direct-entry student will require 6.0 full-course equivalents (FCEs) in Women and Gender Studies, with a cumulative average of A and an average of at least A- in the final year of undergraduate study.  See Program Requirements.