Women & Gender Studies Institute

WGS Scholarships

In addition to funding that is available from the home graduate units, the Graduate Program in Women and Gender Studies offers the following scholarships:

The Hammed Shahidian Graduate Award in Women and Gender Studies

Value Deadline
As funds permit. Awarded upon acceptance to the Ph.D Program.

Admission award given to a graduate student enrolled in the Ph.D. Program in Women and Gender Studies whose research focuses on women and social movements, women and secularism, transnationalism, and the state. Preference will be given to international students and/or to students working in the Middle East and North Africa. Established in memory of Professor Hammed Shahidian, author of Women in Iran: Gender Politics in the Islamic Republic and Women in Iran: Emerging Voices in the Women’s Movement, and key contributor to debates on women in Muslim majority states, discussions of secularism and democracy, and women’s resistance to theocratic regimes.

Vida Heydarian Gender Justice Award

Value Deadline
As funds permit. Awarded upon acceptance into the Ph.D. Program

To be awarded to a graduate student enrolled in the M.A., Ph.D., or Collaborative Program in Women and Gender Studies.  Preference will be given to individuals who demonstrate a commitment to social justice scholarship and regional, international, and transnational community-based themes.  Further preference will be given to students working on Middle East issues.  Recipients must be in good academic standing and have demonstrated financial need as determined by OTSS guidelines.  Under OTSS, financial need and Ontario residency as well as Canadian citizenship, Permanent resident or Protected persons status is a requirement for this award.  Students must complete an OSOTF Financial Need Assessment Form and the OSOTF II/OTSS  Form.

 City of Toronto Women’s Studies Graduate Scholarship

Value Deadline
Approximately $2,000 November 1, 2019

This scholarship is awarded on the basis of financial need and academic merit to the student deemed most likely to contribute to studies on the status of women, community studies and public policy, including studies in the areas of transportation, housing, urban planning, employment, public works and municipal services.  Applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Ontario.  Please include a resume, an example of written work (20 pages or less), two letters of academic reference and an ACORN/ROSI academic transcript with your application.

The City of Toronto Women’s Studies Scholarship application form.

Margrit Eichler Student Leadership Award

Value Deadline
Non-monetary Awarded upon acceptance into the Ph.D. program

This award recognizes overall achievement in graduate student leadership during the academic year. Professor Margrit Eichler was the first Director of the Women & Gender Studies Institute, which was founded in 1999.


Value Deadline
Non-monetary Awarded at the end of the academic year

This award recognizes overall achievement in research, teaching and service, and is awarded on the basis of faculty nominations.

Henry N.R. Jackman Junior Fellowship

Value Deadline
$15,000 Awarded upon acceptance into the Ph.D. Program

Thanks to a generous gift from Chancellor Emeritus Hal Jackman, the Jackman Junior Fellowships (JJF) were established to assist in the recruitment of top doctoral students.  Jackman Junior Fellows are affiliated with their graduate unit, but participate in Jackman Humanities Institute (JHI) sponsored events.  The objective of the JJFs is to recuit the strongest students in the applicant pool, many of whom have an economic incentive to go elsewhere.  The award consists of a $15,000 recruitment award, plus top ups of $5,000 per year in years two through four.  These funds are provided on top of the base funding package.  Domestic or international doctoral students are eligible.

Chancellor Jackman Graduate Fellows in the Humanities

Value Deadline
Non-monetary 2019 deadline not yet announced

Graduate Fellowships are open to Ph.D. candidates in the humanities at the University of Toronto who will be in the final year of writing their dissertation when they hold the fellowship. The recipients of this fellowship hold an office at the JHI and participate in weekly luncheon seminars, presenting their own work to the other Fellows at some point during the year. Graduate Fellows do not work as Teaching Assistants or course instructors during the year of their appointment in order to concentrate on completing their dissertations. Applicants for Graduate Fellowships are nominated by their departments, and must have completed at least one full chapter of their thesis at the time of application. They are selected by the incoming Faculty Research Fellows on the basis of scholarship and scholarly promise, as well as the relationship of their topic to the Annual Theme. Approximately three Graduate Fellows are appointed each year. Applications are solicited early in the spring, with the selection process completed by May.

Other Internal Awards at the University of Toronto

The School of Graduate Studies administers a number of other internal awards.  Information on these awards is circulated to students admitted to the master’s program in late spring/early summer.  We encourage all students to apply for these awards.  Often, the number of applicants for a given award are surprisingly small.

For more details, go to the School of Graduate Studies website.

Student Loans / Ontario Student Assistance Programs (OSAP)

Students are encouraged to investigate their eligibility for these programs. Application forms and brochures can be obtained from Admissions & Awards, University of Toronto, 315 Bloor Street, Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A3.  For more information visit the OSAP website.

Additional Help with Financial Planning

The School of Graduate Studies has Financial Assistance Counsellors who can help enrolled students with financial planning.