D. Alissa Trotz

WGSI Director, Professor

Cross Appointments: Caribbean Studies

Email: da.trotz@utoronto.ca

Phone: 416-978-8286

In The Caribbean Diaspora

Stabroek News

Areas of Interest

  • Transnational feminist studies
  • Caribbean Studies with a focus on radical intellectual traditions and feminist political economy
  • Transnational migration and diaspora
  • Social movements
  • Political violence
  • History, memory and archives

I welcome applications from students interested in researching topics related to Caribbean Studies; social reproduction; transnational migration and diaspora; social movements and feminist activism; the black radical tradition.


Alissa Trotz is a Professor of Caribbean Studies at New College and the Director of Women and Gender Studies. She is also affiliate faculty at the Dame Nita Barrow Institute of Gender and Development Studies at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados; and a member of the O’Neill-Lancet Commission on Racism, Structural Discrimination, and Global Health. She is a resource person with Red Thread Women’s Organization in Guyana and editor of “In the Diaspora,” a weekly newspaper column in the Guyanese daily, Stabroek News. Alissa’s work is situated within a tradition of feminist political economy, and a Caribbean feminist tradition in particular, that takes an intersectional approach to social reproduction as a starting point and node of interrogation to think through histories and processes of dispossession and their contemporary manifestations. Her research trajectory unfolds across related themes that address processes of social reproduction, neoliberalisation & Caribbean feminisms; coloniality, racial formations, gendered difference and violence; transnational migration, remittances and diaspora engagement; and Caribbean knowledge production.

Her current research looks at diaspora, indigeneity and extractivism in colonial Guyana. A consistent thread – and method – is to track local, regional and transnational strategies of survival/survivance that are prompted by localized insecurities, the deep and everyday injuries of neoliberalism. What does it mean to hold space open for imagining what insurgent knowledges might emerge when we attend closely to what sociologist and Caribbeanist Cecilia Green describes as the “nooks and crannies and living networks of the popular and domestic economy and its creative potential,” the deeply gendered practices that make heartbreakingly visible the violence of capitalism and sovereignty, all while still stubbornly reaching for other, affirming models of human-ness and value?


PhD, Social and Political Sciences, Cambridge University, 1995

Selected Works

“The Conspiracy of Mutual Caring” on Andaiye’s Writings with Alissa Trotz.” Millennials Are Killing Capitalism, publisher, September 11, 2023. https://millennialsarekillingcapitalism.libsyn.com/the-conspiracy-of-mutual-caring-on-andaiyes-writings-with-alissa-trotz

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Trotz, D. Alissa, Kiran Mirchandani, and Iman Khan. 2016. “Growing Downhill? Contestations of Sovereignty and the Creation of Itinerant Workers in Guyanese Call Centres.” Borders in Service: Enactments of Nation in Transnational Service. Edited by Kiran Mirchandani and Winifred Poster, 58-85. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

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Trotz, D. Alissa. 2010. “Shifting the ground beneath us: Social reproduction, grassroots women’s activism and the 2005 floods in Guyana.” Interventions: Journal in Postcolonial Studies, 12(1): 112-124.

Honours and Awards


Named as one of 100 Accomplished Black Women in Canada, 2018 Awards (www.100ABCwomen.ca) 


University of Toronto Faculty Association Academic Citizenship Award, with Professor Deborah Cowen (Geography), for organizing ‘The List’  Monthly Salon for the University of Toronto faculty and friends   


Appointed to President’s Teaching Academy, University of Toronto, for Excellence in Teaching


Outstanding Teaching Award, Faculty of Arts & Science 


University of Toronto Students’ Union/Association of Part-Time Undergraduate Students Undergraduate Teaching Award

Award for distinguished contribution to graduate teaching, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto 


Graduate Courses:

WGS5001H S Feminist Theories, Histories, Movements II: Methods.