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Elisha Lim explains the collision between algorithms and marginalized issues. Ad metrics rank social justice in terms of publicity and
By Rinaldo Walcott - Excerpt from On Property The Toronto Star - Sat., Feb. 6, 2021 In On Property, Rinaldo Walcott
On January 17, prison abolition activists from across the country released Choosing Real Safety: A Historic Declaration to Divest from
Police Abolition/Black Revolt by Robyn Maynard ROBYN MAYNARD is a Black feminist abolitionist scholar-activist and author of the national bestseller Policing
Please join us in celebrating with Robyn Maynard, one of five winners of the Talent Award, one of the Social Sciences and
Congratulations to Kehkashan Basu who was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30. She is the youngest person on the 2021
Ferdie was this year's recipient of the Award for Scholarly Achievement in the Area of Gender-Based Violence. Each December 6th,
Fri., Oct. 16, 2020timer3 min. read Over the last several weeks, newspapers across Canada have researched and chronicled a breach of collegial governance