Collaborative Programs

Collaborative Programs foster interdisciplinary discussions amongst faculty and graduate students. Students who successfully complete the requirements of collaborative programs receive an annotation on their academic transcript, in addition to their degree in WGSI. Students may, however, benefit from the collaborative program in other ways (e.g. by signing up for a listserv, participating in workshops and conferences, etc.).

University of Toronto offers more than 40 collaborative specializations, providing graduate students enrolled in participating degree programs an additional interdisciplinary experience as they complete their home degree program. The WGSI participates in 12 collaborative programs; although WGSI graduate students may apply to other specializations available at University of Toronto, dependent on the specialization’s admission’s requirements.

Many collaborative program requirements fulfill WGSI degree requirements; e.g. as elective courses. Courses in a Collaborative Program may, however, exceed minimum degree requirements in WGSI.

WGSI participates in the following collaborative programs:

Please note even if WGSI does not formally participate in a collaborative program, ad hoc arrangements for admission are often possible.

For further information on admission, program requirements, fellowships and events in these and other collaborative programs, please consult the programs directly.