WGSI Graduate Appeals Committee:

The WGSI Graduate Academic Appeals Committee (GAAC) is a committee established under the authority of the WGSI Director. This Committee constitutes part of the overall academic appeals procedures available to all graduate students within the University of Toronto.

This Committee may consider only academic matters. Decisions related to admission to an academic program, including admission to the doctoral program for current master’s students, are not subject to appeal. Issues relating to non-academic matters (for example, fees) are also not to be considered by the Committee.

WGSI Students wishing to file an appeal must do so to the Chair of the Committee and within eight weeks after the date of the decision being appealed. For detailed information on the GAAC and how to file an appeal, please see SGS Calendar for an overview and timeline of the graduate appeals process).

Please note that the GAAC is advisory to the WGSI Director, who is not bound by the Committee’s recommendation.

Graduate Appeals Commitee Membership, 2023-2024

Dina Georgis, Graduate Coordinator & Associate Professor WGSI (chair)

Cassandra Lord, Assistant Professor, Department of Historical Studies UTM, WGSI

Vanbasten Noronha de Araújo, Doctoral Student and Graduate Student Representative