Student Union

The WGSI GSU is an active course union enrolled in the University of Toronto Graduate Students’ Union (UTGSU). The UTGSU provides health and dental insurance, conference bursaries and other resources. Find more information on their homepage.

Students enrolled in a graduate program at the WGSI are welcome to join our course’s Graduate Student Union (GSU).

The GSU and UTGSU are different than CUPE 3902, which represents contract academic workers including Teaching Assistants and Course Instructors.

WGSI GSU Executive Team

Students are elected to act as representatives of the Graduate Student Union (GSU). GSU representatives work with the Graduate Administrator to plan academic events and act as a source of information and support for students.

The WGSI GSU’s 2021-2022 executive team can be contacted individually or through the course union’s email:

Reese Carr – Chair  

Through my time as an MA at the WGSI I came to appreciate what this department offers to it students and what we as students offer to one another. Seeing the effort that others have put into making my time here a positive and rich experience, I am excited for the opportunity to get involved and contribute as a PhD student in for the long haul.  

As Chair, I would hope to build on the wonderful foundations laid by growing the reach of the WGSGSU through an Instagram and Facebook presence, building on last year’s writing group and continuing the work of the graduate student conference. In my previous leadership experience, as the president of the gender studies department student collective in my undergraduate, I was responsible for maintaining prompt and accurate communication between students and faculty, planning, and implementing a range of events, and the publishing of the departments undergraduate journal. Pulling on this experience I would love to organize and publish a WGSI graduate journal as well as building a working relationship with the undergraduate WGSI union, as I believe graduate and undergraduate students have a lot to offer one another.  

Umaimah Adan – Co-Chair 

I am interested in having an active role in the Women and Gender Studies department. I believe the WGSGSU plays a key role in supporting students and fostering an environment of inclusion. I am particularly interested in maintaining a sense of community among our cohort. I have several years of varied experience within the areas of community engagement and I held several executive membership roles during my time as an Undergrad at York University. As a member of the Student Caucus at York’s Centre for Refugee Studies, I was responsible for soliciting funding from several faculties for the annual student conference. I believe I can be a dynamic and effective leader as Co-Chair.  

Guita Banan – Treasurer  

I think groups such as GSU are crucial for building good relationships and support in the community and I’d like to contribute to those efforts.  

Grace Cameron – Secretariat 

I’m an incoming MA student and I’m eager to get involved in the department in order to build professional connections and collectivity. In my role as a board member at the UofT chapter of the Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) I have a lot of experience taking minutes, organizing agendas, and circulating information. 

Cameron Powell – Communications 

Graduate students exist not only as thinkers and creative beings but also as practical workers that exist in a specific institutional context. They must build a corporate existence and cultivate political power within this context. Given my expertise in composition and professional writing, which I have taught for the past year, I believe that I can contribute to this effort in a communications role. 

Natsinet Tewold – Events Coordinator 

I have been immersed in Women & Gender Studies since I was a student at George Brown College from 2014-2016. Through the Diploma to Degree Program I was accepted by UofT, where I double majored in WGS & Equity. Currently, I am doing my Masters of Education at OSIE where I am also doing a Collaborative specialization in WGS. I want to take the passion I have for this field and apply it in a way that serves our community as a whole because I truly believe it is through collective resistance where transformative justice can begin to occur. 

Keira Mayo – Collaborative Representative 

I’d really like to get a collab student social off the ground! I’m a huge advocate for student life, and I learned a lot last year from the WGSGSU. Hoping to keep growing with the team and keep building a better community for grad students at UofT. 🙂 

Emily Ehrensperger – CUPE 3902 Department Representative 

Hello everyone! I’m Emily, WGSI’s new departmental steward for CUPE 3902. As an incoming MA student, I’m excited to learn more about our union and to get involved. I hope to ensure that everyone feels protected in their workplace!