M.A. Program

Master’s Program in Women and Gender Studies (MWGS)

We are delighted to welcome the new cohort of Master’s students in Women and Gender Studies to the University of Toronto (UofT).

The courses taken by our M.A. students provide them with an opportunity to undertake advanced feminist studies towards theorizing these questions. Our program aspires to strengthen students’ abilities to interrogate theories and methods, as well as to critique their application to lived practice. Students have the opportunity to undertake feminist studies in a variety of subjects in the Humanities, Social and Health Sciences.

MWGS offers a particular focus on feminist colonial, post-colonial, diasporic and transnational studies. The program supports diverse and multidisciplinary graduate research querying gendered, raced, sexed, and queered subjects as they are entangled in political economies and cultural formations. In particular, WGSI has distinctive strengths in the following four areas of study: (1) gender, sexuality and queer studies; (2) feminist cultural studies; (3) feminist studies of technology, science, environment and biomedicine; and (4) transnational political economy and critical development studies. Our core faculty brings transnational feminist commitments to the study of diverse sites and their interconnection with particular focus on Canada, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia, East Asia, and the United States.

Incoming master’s students are encouraged to check out collaborative specializations to enhance their degree. WGSI participates in a dozen programs that provide interdisciplinary study and training. Read more about collaborative programs here.