Women & Gender Studies Institute


Student Health and Wellness

At WGSI we recognize there are many pressures and factors that inform your experience as students at the University of Toronto. We understand that feelings of stress and anxiety might be connected to a variety of triggers and structural conditions, including but not limited to: financial pressure; learning and disability struggles; academic struggles; family conflicts and personal crises; experiences of physical, emotional, and/or sexual violence; lack of community/support networks; and both on- and off-campus experiences of racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, sanism, and ageism. We also recognize that crises can and usually do occur outside of normal business hours, and that not every support service is a good fit for every student. For all of these reasons, we’ve compiled a list of on- and off-campus services that we know have been helpful to some of our students. We hope you’ll find something in this list that serves your needs.

On-Campus Resources and Service Hubs

Accessibility Services (which also offers drop-in hours!)

Centre for International Experience

The Centre for Women and Trans People 

The Family Care Office

Indigenous Student Services 


The Sexual Education Centre (UTSEC)

The Sexual and Gender Diversity Office

Students for Barrier-Free Access

Awards, Bursaries, Grants, Scholarships

The Governing Council at the University of Toronto is guided by the principle that “No student offered admission to a program at the University of Toronto should be unable to enter or complete the program due to lack of financial means.   Digital Assets Policies  Practically, this means there are more bursaries, grants, and scholarships available than you might know. There’s an Awards Officer in the Registrar’s Office of each college to help you navigate these options, so this is someone worth getting to know! Your gateway to college-specific scholarships and bursaries is here. And here are some additional links filled with information:

The City of Toronto Women’s Studies Undergraduate Scholarship is valued at $5,000, and payable in the winter session. It is awarded to a student who has completed year three and is enrolled in a major or specialist program in Women’s Studies.

New College scholarship and financial aid information.

University of Toronto scholarship information (general).

University of Toronto Financial Aid (UTAPS) helps “fill the financial gap for full-time students who receive the maximum amount of government financial aid available, but whose funding doesn’t cover all university costs.”

Information about scholarships for International Students can be found here.

Information about support for part-time students, including the Noah Meltz Program of Financial Assistance, can be found here.

Information about OSAP grants and bursaries for students living with disabilities can be found here.

Information about awards offered by the Arts and Science Students’ Union can be found here.

Information about APUS’ bursary program can be found here.

24-Hour Support

The CAMH Emergency Department (**health card required).

The Gerstein Crisis Centre, “a 24-hour community based mental health crisis service”.

Good 2 Talk, a “post-secondary student helpline”.

Further Community Resources


The LGBT Youth Line/live chat

No One Is Illegal

Toronto Rape Crisis Centre Multicultural Women Against Rape

What’s Up Walk-in offers free and immediate mental health counselling for young people and their families.

The Women’s Studies Collection

The Ivey Library, located at New College, houses one of the leading collections of Women’s Studies and Gender Studies resources in Canada. The collection includes books, periodicals, and much material from feminist organizations, including major primary resource items from Second Wave and Third Wave Canadian feminism.

The University of Toronto Libraries also provides access to extensive, full-text and bibliographic electronic collections, including the Gender Studies Database consisting of over 770, 000 records covering the humanities, social sciences, diversity studies, health, law, grassroots feminism, and feminist organizations. Also available is Studies on Women Abstracts, as an international abstracting service designed to meet the information needs of those working in teaching, studying or researching any of the main areas of Women’s Studies and Gender Studies. And further, Contemporary Women’s Issues covers over 600 sources published by more than 100 organizations around the world beginning from 1992. In addition to these indexes, the library provides electronic access to thousands of full-text periodicals and books.

Access these resources and more here.