Community at WGSI

The Women & Gender Studies Institute supports and offers exciting events and initiatives that aim to foster a vibrant community and encourage active participation in a holistic learning environment.
Our Graduate and Undergraduate Student Unions act as a source of information and support for students. Both the Women & Gender Studies Student Union (WGSSU) and the Women & Gender Studies Graduate Student Union (WGSGSU) host a variety of student-oriented social, academic and skill-building programs and events throughout the academic year.

Community Knowledge Alliance (CKA)

The Community Knowledge Alliance (CKA) is an initiative aimed at building and deepening connections between communities of feminist scholars and feminist practitioners.

Research Seminar Series

The WGSI Research Seminar Series is a forum for interdisciplinary research in feminist and gender studies.

Directed at both faculty and graduate students within the WGSI and across the campus as a whole, the seminar’s goal is to foster intellectual engagement with key theoretical, social and political questions touching on gender and feminism and their many intersections through the presentation of cutting-edge work by leading researchers both within and beyond the University of Toronto.

Feminist Sports Club

Initiatives like our Feminist Sports Club give WGSI students the opportunity to get together and (re)connect with their bodies in a fun, non-competitive, body-positive sporty way, with monthly events including hiking, weightlifting, basketball, and boxing! See you on the court!