WGS Specialization Application

Eligibility for Admission

In order to qualify for admission into the Graduate Collaborative Specialization in Women and Gender Studies (CWGS), applicants must be offered admission to a graduate degree program at University of Toronto. Applicants to CWGS should have some background in Women’s Studies, Feminist Studies and/or Gender Studies. Graduate students at the University of Toronto are under the auspices of the School of Graduate Studies (SGS).


Students must apply in the SPRING (“S”) TERM  and are required to submit a complete application by MAY 30, 2022 for the 2022-2023 academic year. If possible, we recommend applying earlier in the session, preferably between January and March 2022.

Application Procedure

Students will only be accepted into CWGS upon confirmation of their acceptance into their home department’s graduate program.

Complete applications should include a (1) statement of intent pertaining to Women and Gender Studies, (2) two letters of academic reference, and (3) a copy of the graduate application file (including the admission offer and transcripts) from the home graduate degree program. For details, please read below.

CWGS Application Procedure:

  1. Email a two-page statement of intent focusing on work in women and gender studies to Marian Reed, Graduate Administrator, Women & Gender Studies Institute (wgsi.programs@utoronto.ca). 
    • We no longer accept the statement of intent that was submitted with your original application to your home/degree department.
  2. Request that your home graduate unit sends a copy of your offer of admission, reference letters, and transcripts to Marian Reed, Graduate Administrator, WGSI. The applicant should make this request in writing, preferably by email. For additional information regarding reference letters, please read the following.
    • Please note that because of privacy concerns, the home department may chose not send copies of reference letters submitted to them. However, you may simply ask the same referees to submit another copy of the letters submitted to the home unit, so long as that letters comment on your work in Women and Gender Studies. 

Send applications to Marian Reed, Graduate Administrator, Women &  Gender Studies Institute Program Office wgsi.programs@utoronto.ca. The WGSI Graduate Admissions Committee will review all complete applications.  Accepted students are sent a letter outlining the program requirements; a copy of this letter is also sent to the home graduate unit for review and signature.