WGS Specialization Application

Application Information

In order to qualify for admission into the Graduate Collaborative Specialization in Women and Gender Studies (CWGS), applicants must be offered admission to a graduate degree program at University of Toronto. Applicants to CWGS should have some background in Women’s Studies, Feminist Studies and/or Gender Studies. Graduate students at the University of Toronto are under the auspices of the School of Graduate Studies (SGS).

Application Deadline: 

We are now accepting application to the Graduate Collaborative Specialization in Women and Gender Studies for the 2024-2025 academic year. All applications must be submitted to the Women and Gender Studies Institute by May 31, 2024.

Note: It is expected that students apply to the collaborative specialization after admission and prior to starting their first year of study, however, students in all years can apply. 

Application Documentation and Procedures

Students will only be accepted into CWGS upon confirmation of their acceptance into their home department’s graduate program.

To apply to the Collaborative Specialization in Women and Gender Studies, students must submit the following documents:

  • A double-spaced two-page tailored statement of intent pertaining to women and gender studies. This statement should not be the one that was submitted to your home graduate unit and should focus work on related to women and gender studies. You can upload the tailored statement of intend to the SGS Graduate Admissions Portal or email the statement to the Women and Gender Studies Institute at: wgsi.programs@utoronto.ca
  • All other documents submitted in your original application. This can include but is not limited to:
    • Two letters of academic reference.
    • Transcripts from all previous post-secondary institutions. 
    • A brief academic curriculum vitae (CV).
    • Your Offer of Admission to U of T. 

Application Procedure:

  1. Ensure that your tailored statement of intent is uploaded to the SGS Graduate Admissions Portal or that the statement has been emailed to WGSI (wgsi.programs@utoronto.ca) by the application deadline. 
  2. Request that your home graduate unit send a copy of your complete graduate admission file (including all the documents mentions above) to WGSI at wgsi.programs@utoronto.ca by our application deadline. 

For interested students who belong to an academic unit that does not participate in the WGSI collaborative specialization, you are still encouraged to apply by following the steps above. Before you apply, you should check with your home graduate unit to see if they will support a non-standard admission request. 

If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to Stefanie Steele, Graduate and Undergraduate Administrator, WGSI at wgsi.programs@utoronto.ca. 

Accepted students are sent a letter outlining the program requirements; a copy of this letter is also sent to the home graduate unit for review and signature.