Women & Gender Studies Institute

Brown Bag Lunch with Nikoli Attai, WGSI Postdoctoral Fellow

Come join us on Monday, March 16, from 12 noon – 2pm in the WGSI Lounge, for a brown bag lunch with Nikoli.

You Will Get There One Step at a Time: A Lunch Hour Chat

Any graduate student will easily admit that the process is extremely stressful. But, they can also acknowledge that there are moments of deep joy, satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. These moments may come from submitting an assignment, finishing hectic coursework, presenting papers at conferences, or even getting through a long day of writing. Despite this, there still remains the ever-daunting reality of having to finish research projects, and ultimately, finishing grad school. 

Does this sound like you? 

Are you trying to manage grad school anxiety? 

Need to strategize techniques for completing research projects in a supportive environment? 

Well, this lunch time chat is perfect for you. Come join WGSI alumn Dr. Nikoli Attai to learn about useful strategies for confronting PhD imposter syndrome, developing productive research and writing habits, and finishing grad school.