Name Department
Areas of Interest
Sandra Bamford Anthropology, UTSC Kinship; gender, sexuality, embodiment; the anthropology of science; Papua New Guinea, North America, Europe
Rupaleem Bhuyan Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work Immigration and refugee policy; precarious immigration status; intersectionality and gender-based violence community-based research; anti-oppressive practice
Janice Boddy Anthropology Social cultural anthropology; gender, embodiment, symbolism, religion, medical anthropology, colonialism; Sudan, Africa, Middle East
Megan Boler Social Justice Education, OISE Politics of digital and social media; politics of emotion and affect theory; social implication of technologies; media education; communications and media studies; social movement studies; race, class, and gender in education and media
Elspeth Brown History, UTM Queer and trans history; the history of US capitalism; oral history; the history and theory of photography
Hae Yeon Choo Sociology, UTM Gender; sexuality; urban sociology, migration and refugee studies; labor, law and society; ethnography; Korea
Michael Cobb English American literature; queer theory and literature; aspects of theory
Corinn Columpar Cinema Studies Filmmaking practices and textual politics of various counter-cinematic tradition; feminist, Aboriginal, and “independent” cinema
Brenda Cossman Law Family law; feminist analysis of law; sexuality and the law
Deborah Cowen Geography Contested spaces; geographies of citizenship and labour; militarism, violence, and security; cities and social justice; sub/urban politics
Naisargi N. Dave Anthropology Animal studies; extraordinary ethics; affect and the senses; queer and feminist theory; imagination and expression; death and violence; anthropology and philosophy; friendship and intimacies
Kari Dehli Social Justice Education, OISE Feminist and anti-racist studies in education; post structuralism and cultural studies; education policy and state formation; critical approaches to power, language and subjectivity
Bonnie Fox Sociology Feminist theory, gender segregation and competition in the labour force; workplace restructuring; the development of gender divisions in the transition to parenthood; the social relations of childbirth; women’s body images
Tara Goldstein Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, OISE
Patrick Keilty Faculty of Information Embodiment and technology; data science; the history of information retrieval; transformations of gendered labor; design and experience; graphic design; temporality; taxonomies of pornography
Alison Keith Classics Gender and genre in Latin literature, Vergil, Ovid
Pamela Klassen Religion Anthropology of religion; religion, healing, and medicine; religious diversity in North America in historical and contemporary perspectives; women, gender, and religion; ritual and ritual theory; narrative and life writing; religion and the secular
Katherine Larson English Early modern women’s writing; gender and language; rhetoric and embodiment; music (especially opera and song)
Jamie-Lynn Magnusson Leadership, Higher and Adult Education, OISE Urban poverty, communities and spaces; community organizing; queer/trans communities; community defence involving organizing harm reduction, food sovereignty, health care access, and education for communities
Angela Miles Leadership, Higher and Adult Education, OISE Feminist theory; critical theory; social movements; feminist gift economy; matriarchies and Indigenous cultures; women's human rights; globalization and local and global resistance; community education; organizing; alternative economic and 'development' paradigms
Kiran Mirchandani Leadership, Higher and Adult Education, OISE Gendered and racialized processes in the workplace, critical perspectives on organizational development and learning, criminalization and welfare policy, globalization and economic restructuring
Shahrzad Mojab Leadership, Higher and Adult Education, OISE Educational policy studies; gender, state, diaspora and transnationality; women, war, militarization and violence; women, war and learning; feminism, anti-racism, colonialism and imperialism; Marxist-feminism and learning; adult education in comparative and global perspectives
Naomi Morgenstern English Psychoanalytic and post-structuralist critical theory; gender studies; nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first century American literature; reproductive ethics and maternal sovereignty
Heather Murray English Book history; history and theory of reading; history of English studies; nineteenth-century Canadian cultural and intellectual history; literature and social reform
Melanie Newton History Atlantic world; conflict, violence and genocide; gender, sex and sexualities; Latin America and Caribbean
Katharine Rankin Geography Politics of planning and development; feminist and critical theory; culture-economy articulations; diverse economies; comparative market regulation; ethnographic methods; South and Southeast Asia and Toronto
Susan Ruddick Geography Critical theory; philosophy (both continental and non-western); UrbanNatures; Socionatures; anti-racism; anti-colonialism; social marginalization; wildlife and animals
Sarah Salih English Postcolonial theory and writing; critical animal studies
Rachel Silvey Geography Migration; feminist theory; critical development studies; politics of transnationalism; Indonesia
Jesook Song Anthropology Contemporary urban transformation and welfare issues including homelessness; youth unemployment; single women’s housing and psychological health support system; East Asia, particularly South Korea
Heather Sykes Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, OISE Sexuality and settler colonialism; sport and physical education; post-structural, queer and feminist theories
Tanya Titchkosky Social Justice Education, OISE Disability studies; cultural studies; interpretive sociology; feminist, queer theory, and Black studies
Miglena Todorova Social Justice Education, OISE Transnational feminism(s); postsocialist studies; gendered violence in education; critical theories; feminist media and critical media literacy education; qualitative methods of research and analysis; relational and international studies; Eastern Europe and the Balkans
Eve Tuck Social Justice Education, OISE Community-based and participatory research, ethics and approaches; Indigenous methodologies with youth and communities; decolonization; Indigenous social thought; settler colonialism; antiblackness; politics of research; the significance of land and place in social science research; the imperatives of the academy
Mariana Valverde Centre for Criminology & Sociolegal Studies Legal regulation of sexuality; sociolegal theory; historical sociology; urban governance and law
Njoki Wane Social Justice Education, OISE Gender, colonialism and development; black feminism; indigenous knowledge practices; African immigrant women in Canada; anti-racism education