Women & Gender Studies Institute

Michelle Murphy

Ph.D. (Harvard University, History of Science)

phone : 416-978-8964

office : 2039

email : michelle.murphy@utoronto.ca

Michelle Murphy is a feminist technoscience studies scholar and historian of the recent past who theorizes and researches about the politics of technoscience; decolonial approaches to environmental justice; sexed,raced, and queer life; reproductive justice; infrastructures; and critiques of racial capitalism and particularly in contemporary, settler colonial, cold war, and postcolonial conjunctures associated with Canada and United States.  She is co-organizer of Technoscience Salon and Director of the Technoscience Research Unit, which is a lab and home for social justice and decolonial approaches to Science and Technology Studies. She is urban Métis from Winnipeg.

She supervises graduate students interested in technoscience and media studies; Indigenous feminisms and decolonial throught and praxis; intersectional, transnational, and decolonial feminist, queer, and trans theory; reproductive politics; critical studies of capitalism and infrastructures; environmental justice and Land/body relations.
For a more details please visit her homepage: technopolitics.wordpress.com

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