Graduate Papers & Publications

Women and Gender Studies Master’s Research Papers

2015-2016 Titles:

Farokhi, Zeinab, “The Politics of Hijab in Iran: Women’s Body as a Frontier.”

Grey, Cornel , “Back to the ‘Black W/Hole’: Cartographies of Blackness.”

Maris, Alexandra, “Body and Behavioural Modification in Mixed Martial Arts: Exploring Variations in Stigma, Exclusion and Deviance based on Gender, Class and Race with a Focus on Female Mixed Martial Artists.”

Maurice-Hammond, Isabelle, “Settler Ghosts and Indigenous Futures: Decolonial Aesthetics as a Framework for (Re)mapping Vancouver as Indigenous Territory.”

Nesrallah, Melissa, “Artistic Ruptures: The (De)colonial AestheSis/AestheTics of Indigenous Artwork.”

Saili, Kiran, “Queerly Re-Fantasizing Belonging: Racial Melancholia and Second-Generation Asian Diaspora.”

Wong, Elizabeth Grace, “Love Offerings: A Queer and Sacred Method.”

2014-2015 Titles:

Balasubramaniam, Abinaya, “Social Death: An Analysis of Mainstream Media’s Gendered and Racialized Representation of Toronto’s Inner City/Inner Suburb Communities.”

Boissevain, Afra, “Girl Monster.”

Carson, Tyler, “When Queer Meets World: Affect, Narcissism, Reparation

Ly, Lynn, “Impossible Time Binds in Cold War Asia: Toward a Queer of Colour Critique.”

Weadick, Paul,  “Let’s Talk About Sex: Sex Positivity, Gender, and Race in Contemporary Female Hiphop and R&B.”

Yiu, Wei Si Nicole, “Mobilizing the Public: Understanding Filipina Foreign Domestic Worker’s Spatial Practices in Hong Kong Public Spaces.”

2013-2014 Titles:

Derbecker, Andrea,  “Feeling Indigeneity: Performing Indigenous Sovereignty in a Settler-Colonial Trades-Training Institution.”

Cupchik, Eva, “Fetishizing Pride: From the Parade to the Bookstore.”

Choi, Eun Young, “Disrupting the Politics of Canadian Compassion: Weaving Migrant Women’s Experiences on Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) Grounds.”

Dhandhari, Reya,  “Migrating Stories: An Analysis of Second Diasporic Indo-Caribbean Women’s Lived Realities of Migration to Canada between the late 1970s to early 1990s.”

Maceda, Zenee May, “Transnational Feminisms: The Transformative Possibilities of the Visual Storytelling of Resistance and Community Organizing.”

Vipond, Evan “Transnormative Narratives: Straightening Degrassi’s Adam Torres.”

2012-2013 Titles:

Acikgoz, Sahin, “Un’trans’latable into Human: Trans Corporalities and Necropsychic Life of the Turkish Nation-State.”

Beuglet, Nicole, “Connecting to the Land and to Each Other: Exploring Women’s Participation in Alternative Agriculture.”

Currie, Caitlin, “Taking the Long Way Home: Remembering Trauma, Remembering the Future.”

Elford, Alexandra, “Responsible Nation, Protected Innocents? Challenging the ‘Responsibility to Protect’ as Canada’s ‘International Badge of Pride.'”

Gladney-Hatcher, Caitlin, “I am Human and I Need to be Loved: Thinking Queerly about Sovereignty and Relationality.”

Hoshi, Naoko, “Reconsidering Veganism as Transnational Feminist Praxis: ‘Negative’ Affects, Unruly Bodies, and the Politics of ‘Eating Well.'”

Kashyap, Anjana, “The ‘Double Rape’: A Critical Feminist Analysis of the Discursive Reproduction of Rape Culture in India.”

Redford, Melanie, “The Do It Yourself Girl Versus The At-Risk Girl.”

Teekah, Alyssa, “Soundscapes as Queer Scandalmaking: Tuning into a POC Politics of Temporality in the Music of Flying Lotus and Tokimonsta.”

Warner, Alissa, “Misrepresented by the Media: Examining Gender Violence in the Cases of Amanda Todd and Rehteah Parsons.”

Yoo, Grace, “Understanding the Lived Experiences of and Barriers to Health Care for Korean Elderly Immigrants Living in Toronto.”

2011-2012 Titles:

Ahmed, Sumaya, “Working Class Embodiments Behind the Myth: South Asian Immigrants in Canada Living Up to the Model Minority Status.”

Arkles, Jillian, “Situating Surrogacy Services: Reproducing Global Capitalism and Neoliberal Biopolitics.”

Alhomoud, Hiba, “Posthumanism, Meet Feminism; Feminism, Meet Posthumanism: Toward an Ethical Relationality.”

Bachour, Mary-Kay, “Lebanese Nationalism(s) in The Age of Imperialism: [Re]conceptualizing Lebanese Identities in Canada.”

Bosnjak, Diana, “Tipping (Invisible) Scales: A Discursive Investigation of the Global South as a Scale of Analysis and Subject Formation of the Woman in Microfinance Projects.”

Cichosz, Maria, “’Walking out the door to discover it’s a window’: An allegorical meditation on tripping, drugs and method.”

De Souza, Trina, “Remembering Black Creek Pioneer Village: Colonialism, Haunting, and Canadian National Identity.”

Earnshaw, Katherine, “Shame as a Bio-Political Affect and It’s Control of Women’s Embodied Lives and Sexual Subjectivities.”

Fuchs, Sarah, “Affects in Praxis: Teaching Assistants, Feminism, and Emotion.”

Gardner, Laurel, “Natural Childbirth in Ontario: History and Affect in the Creation of a Discourse.”

Gamache, Mylene, “The clogged mouth spits the revolt(ing): Reflections on schizophrenia, writing, becoming-other, and the question of ethnicity.”

Warner, Amanda, “Skin.”

2010-2011 Titles:

Cheng, Teresa, “Doing Interdependency and Interdependently Becoming: Developing a Mode of Crip-Centred Relationality.”

Cullen, Lauren, “Practice More Praxis: Engaging with the feminist art practice of telling positively nasty narratives.”

Hixson-Vulpe, Jack, “This is How We Do It: Queer Reproduction and Wonder.”

Keller, Victoria, “Sam-sex marriage in Argentina: LGBT (trans)national activism and the reinvention of the Argentinian family.”

Langen, Yvonne, “Consuming the Jonas Brothers: Tween Girl Identity Formation Through the Wonderful World of Disney.”

Latella, Stephanie, “Death Undone: Decay, Grief, and Performance in Queer Times.”

Mullally, Meghan, “Deep Lez and the Ladies Sasquatch: Art as Reparative Pedagogy.”

Persaud, Savitri, “Of ‘Haunting’ and Old Higues: An Intersectional Analysis of Violence and the Female-Gendered Body in Guyana.”

Wolfe, Ursula, “Girlhood Techno-Sexualities and the Regulation of ‘Sexting.’”

2009-2010 Titles:

Bullen, Darcel, “Slave Dungeon, Sex Dungeon: Black Queer Politics and the Erotic Terrain of Contemporary Freedom.”

Cookson, Tara, “Transnational Connections: Departing from the National Story of Article 88.”

De Szegheo-Lang, Naomi, “‘Fucking with Me:’ An intimate exploration of the self and its others.”

Brianna Hersey, “Queer Melancholia: Or, how sick queers can live forever.”

Kanagasingham, Deana, “Transcending the Wounds of Narcissism: A Transformative Model of Self-focus for Emotional Well-being.”

Khan, Zainab Ali, “A Critical Analysis of the Zina and Qisas & Diyat Ordinances.”

McMahon, Michaela, “‘Change a Life, Change Your Own’: The Intersections of Nation, Race, Gender, and Compassion in the Discourses of Child Sponsorship.”

Niu, Tianmaio, “Representation of Ethnicity, Gender, and Religion in a Transnational Era: The Identity Transformation in Tzu Chi Foundation.”

Shamdani, Sara, “The Shadow of a Ghost: A Psychoanalytic Inquiry into the Iranian National Psyche.”

Tarasoff, Lesley Ann, “Interrogating normative institutions, ideologies, and identities through the pregnancy and childbirth experiences of women with physical disabilities.”

Welsh, Ann, “Narrating the Rural: Thinking Immigration through Frames of Gender and Space.”

2008-2009 Titles:

Bhanji, Nael, “Trans/sciptions: Home, Transsexual Citizenship and Racialized Bodies.”

Burnet, Jaime, “Pushing the ‘gay’ out of ‘gaybourhood’: Ongoing gentrification and the need for inclusivity in Toronto’s Church Wellesley Village.”

Chen, Flora, “‘A long way from your Chinese restaurant’: Food, Chineseness, and the ruptures of liberal subjectivity.”

Da Silva, Maureen, “Working Together Through the Politics of Inclusion: Feminist Collaborations in Art.”

Daly, Alyson, “Playing with Unacceptable Violence: Rape Simulation Video Games and the Violent Subject.”

Ephgrave, Nicole, “‘Don’t you want to ‘save’ Africa?’ Bringing Context back into Darfur.”

Greensmith, Cameron, “A 2-Spirit Critique of Pride Toronto: Finding the space for recognition.”

Gurdyal, Jacqueline, “Representations of Indo-Trinidadian Women in Calypso and Chutney Music.”

Hanzawa, Hanae, “Multi-Directional and Reversible Transgender Identities: The Travelling Itinerary of Gender Identity Disorder in Japan after 1997.”

Harrison, Elisabeth, “‘The Images Can Seem to Be Controlled’: Mental Illness as a Problem of Containment in Public Service Announcements and Direct-to-Consumer Advertisements.”

Mason, Corinne, “Men-streaming Development in the World Bank: A Transnational Feminist Response.”

Nketiah, Rita, “KLM Babies: First-Generation Ghanaian-Canadian Womyn and Identity Formation.”

Renna, Cris, “Tenuous Belongings: Shame, Loss and ‘Moments of Arrival’ in Queer Lifeworlds.”

Spearn, Ainslie, “Hugh Hefner’s Playboy, American Popular Culture, and Individualism: 1950s-1980s.”

Surajbali, Preeia, “South-South Encounters: Temple Affiliation, Identity Formation and Authenticity among South-Asian, Indo-Caribbean and Indo-African Hindu Women.”

Tanjeem, Nafisa, “Space, Place and Restaurants: The Making of the Bangladesh Diaspora in Toronto.”

Wood, Rebecca, “Affective Encounters; Disclosures of the Body in Search of the Self.”

2007-2008 Titles:

Andrew, Jill, “Body Image is a Black Woman’s Issue Still.”

Alexopoulos, Anastasia, “‘Two Girls for Every Guy’: Ideology and the Criminalization of Plural Marriage in Canada and the U.S.”

Chandrashekar, Jessica, “Re-Envisioning Citizenship: Cultural Citizenship Practices by Tamil Youth as a Means of Subverting State Hegemony over Citizenship and the ‘Family of Man.'”

D’Angelo, Christine, “From ‘Ethnics’ to Insiders: Race, Class Mobility and the Assimilation of Canadian-Italians in Toronto.”

Edwards, Danielle, “Challenging Normative and Deviant Femininities: Theorizing Capitalist Body Hierarchies and Biomedical Eugenics Re/producing Sexist Middle-Ageism.”

Finkenauer, Sabine, “Egg Freezing: Critical Discourse Analysis of Media.”

Hakimian, Donna, “Iranian Bahai Women Prisoners and the Quest for Justice.”

Lavrisa, Rachel, “Las Madres y Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo.”

Macdonald, Sarahjane, “(S)exclusivity: An analysis of exclusive sexual difference research and theory and a feminist attempt to synthesize frameworks of inclusion.”

O’Connor, Helen, “From Birth On: The Effects of a United Nations Maternal Mortality Program on Haitian Women.”

Rozenberg, Sara, “‘Public Feelings’ and Diasporic Life Writings: An Analysis of the Affective Potentials of Diasporic Organizing and Cultural Productions.”

Saghatchian Shomali, Talayeh, “Multiculturalism Policy and its Critics.”