Announcement of Anthology: Canadian Network for Psychoanalysis and Culture

The Canadian Network for Psychoanalysis and Culture is pleased to announce the online publication of its first anthology – The Freudian Legacy Today, co-edited by Dina Georgis (WGSI, University of Toronto), Sara Matthews (Wilfrid Laurier University) and James Penney (Trent University). The anthology highlights the work of clinicians, cultural workers and academics who presented papers at our inaugural conference held at the University of Toronto, September 20-22, 2013. Our organizing polemic was that the concept of the unconscious, first articulated by Freud, offers a radical and insistent challenge to our basic notion of how it is that we come to know ourselves and our social, cultural and political worlds. We were also convinced by the continued saliency of Freud’s insights for thinking through the pressing social issues of our time. Psychoanalysis continues to be central to the study of contemporary life, offering the humanities and social sciences the radical gifts of its investigative methods, insistent questions, and clinical insights. The papers collected in this volume offer a range of interpretive engagements with the legacy of Freud’s thought.

The Table of Contents can be found here.   A full download of the anthology can be found here.