Dr. Bonnie McElhinny Receives the June Larkin Award

Dr. Bonnie McElhinny has been selected for the June Larkin Award for Pedagogical Development for 2017-18 for her project “Something in the Water:  Watershed Pedagogies and Teachings about Water in Toronto”.  This award recognizes past achievements, and provides for course release to continue to develop innovative pedagogies, and educational technologies in classroom, community and field settings on these topics for 2017-18.

This award honours Dr. June Larkin, an award-winning teacher recognized for her excellence in teaching, educational leadership and community-university connectoins.  Larkin’s book Sexual Harassment: High School Girls Speak Out is cited on the list of the most important 80 books for 21st Century Girls.  She is the founding director of Equity Studies at New College.  She has headed up curriculum initiatives that include expanding local and international servicing learning programs, developing writing programs, a global food equity initiative with local groups, and a New Media Project that provides instructors with the training to teach students in the multi-modal arguments new media require.  Through her community-based research program, the Gendering Adolescent AIDS Prevention (GAAP) project, Dr. Larkin creates opportunities for students to work with youth, community workers, research and policy makers on youth, sexuality and HIV/AIDS.  Dr. Larkin’s overall goal is to produce socially engaged citizens who can apply their academic knowledge to real-life situations for social justice ends.