June Larkin Receives President’s Teaching Award

May 2011

We are extremely pleased to announce that Dr. June Larkin is the recipient of a President’s Teaching Award. This prestigious university-wide honour recognizes sustained excellence in teaching, research in teaching, and the integration of teaching and research.

In addition to being a stellar instructor in undergraduate classrooms, June has displayed outstanding educational leadership in developing and transforming the undergraduate curriculum in WGSI and Equity studies, in her publications on pedagogy and with students, and in her roles in numerous collaborative initiatives which have offered University of Toronto students and community members the opportunity to learn from and with one another, in Toronto and international settings. Two key themes characterize June as a teacher: a creative approach to curriculum, embodied particularly in the development of innovative methods for instruction and new or improved institutional structures to support learning in women and gender studies and equity studies, and her development of approaches to community-based, collaborative, socially engaged research and pedagogy. Her pedagogical approach is not only transformative for students, but it also contributes to greater equity at the university, in Toronto, in Canada, and in a variety of global settings, including Belize, Costa Rica, and South Africa.