June Larkin reflects on three decades of teaching with the Women & Gender Studies Institute

Photo of June Larkin

For June Larkin, retiring from Arts & Science’s Women & Gender Studies Institute (WGSI) after 30 years means she’ll have more time to immerse herself in everything the institute does.

“I’m going to try to be at even more of the events the institute offers because I’ll have the time to do it,” says Larkin, who was an associate professor, teaching stream, at WGSI and in Critical Studies in Equity and Solidarity. She was also vice-principal of New College from 2007 to 2014 and 2017 to 2020 after coming to U of T in 1991 as a teaching assistant in the Scientific Perspectives of Sex and Gender course.

“I’m looking forward to growing intellectually even more when I retire because I can make that my focus. It’s just been such an enriching experience so far and will continue to be so.”

Her impact will continue to be felt at WGSI through the June Larkin TA Award, which recognizes outstanding graduate student contributions to undergraduate teaching and mentorship demonstrated through creative approaches to teaching and student engagement. The award honours Larkin’s invaluable contributions to the training and mentoring of teaching assistants throughout her career.

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