The Raging Grannies

In Honour of International Women’s Day, The Raging Grannies are at WGSI

Date: Wednesday, March 9th, 2011
Time: 6-8 p.m.
Location: Lash Miller Building, Room 59, Southwest corner of St. George Street at Willcocks Street

Raging Grannies began in the winter of ’86-’87. The number of actual groups (or “gaggles”, as we are called) has grown and spread, until there are now over 60 world-wide. The first Grannies started their work in Victoria B.C., focused on shipments of arms and radioactive materials. Other issues we “rage”, sing, and engage in street theatre about include peace and social justice, Native rights, environment and political incompetence and corruption. I say “include” because Granny gaggles are always poring over the news and responding to events as they occur. There are no requirements for Granny membership except to identify as female and have attitude. Lack of musical talent is no barrier, and we are always recruiting. Perhaps by wearing funny hats and outfits we sometimes look a bit silly, which is a good thing. While standing with other protesters, we often provide a bit of comic relief, which can help to ease tensions, while representing the wisdom that at least a few of us have acquired from a lifetime of observing the state of the world. In the past, Grannies have joined in Greenpeace protests, attempted to join the military “so young people won’t have to go to war” and even been arrested. We have been known to “crash” events that we are not invited to, especially if those events SHOULD be public, but aren’t. We encourage others to stand by their values and principles by so obviously, nay, blatantly, doing so ourselves.

Visit The Raging Grannies of Toronto website.