Welcome Dr. Mary-Kay Bachour

WGSI is excited to welcome back Dr. May-Kay Bachour, Arts and Science Postdoctoral Fellowship 2021-2023!

Dr. Mary-Kay Bachour is a postdoctoral fellow in the Women & Gender Studies Institute conducting critical housing research under the supervision of Dr. Marieme Lo. In her current research project, “The intersectional politics of housing (in)access among racialized refugee claimant women in Toronto,” Dr. Bachour investigates the housing and shelter experiences of racialized refugee women in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Dr. Bachour completed her Master’s Degree in the Women and Gender Studies Institute at the University of Toronto, where she unpacked the impacts of the the civil war on the Lebanese diaspora in Toronto, Ontario. She continued her studies and received her Ph.D. in the Department of Geography and Planning at the University of Toronto, where she examined access to housing among government-assisted refugees based on the intersections of race, class, language, and citizenship status. Dr. Bachour has also worked on several research projects, including “Urban Mobilities and Spatialities” at the Asian Pathways Research Lab. She most recently collaborated on the “Independent Refugee Youth Project” with a team of principal researchers at the University of Toronto, where she explored access to housing and wraparound services for young refugees who arrived in Canada alone before the age of 24.

Congratulations once again Dr. Bachour on your stellar achievements.

See Dr. Bachour’s full profile here.