WGS Research Seminar with Corinn Columpar

Corinn Columpar is an Associate Professor of Cinema Studies and English at the University of Toronto, and she is affiliated faculty with WGSI, CSUS, and the Drama Centre. As both a researcher and a teacher, her areas of specialization include the filmmaking practices and textual politics of various counter-cinematic traditions (especially feminist, Aboriginal, and “independent”) as well as, more generally, film theory, corporeality and representation, Australian and New Zealand cinemas, and collaborative practice.


“Toward a ‘Postcolonial’ Poetics: Issues of Aesthetics and Politics in Aboriginal Cinema”

DATE: Wednesday, February 16, 2011
TIME: 4-6pm


One trait shared by many Aboriginal filmmakers transnationally is a tendency to bring ways of seeing and hearing associated with more traditional narrational practices to bear upon cinema.  The result is not only an “internal consistency” between old and new forms, as Steven Leuthold puts it, but also a body of work capable of making a profound intervention, both aesthetically and politically, in the conventions of dominant cinema and the spectatorial practices they encourage.  Using BeDevil and Atarnarjuat as case studies, Corinn Columpar samples that capacity and thinks through some of the pedagogical functions of Aboriginal, or “Fourth,” cinema.


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