Work-Study Student: Natalya Motluk

WGSI thanks Natalya Motluk, who for the past two years has been a work-study student who has provided incredible support to the department, bringing her calm and social media skills to the work that we do. From smoothly operating the list-serv to designing posters, from keeping the website updated to ensuring our research seminars ran smoothly and doing all the work behind the scenes. We wish Natalya all the best, and share her words below as she moves on to the next step in her journey!

“For the past year, I’ve had the privilege of working with WGSI as a work-study student. During my time with the department, I focused on growing our social media presence as well as promoting and facilitating online events. Having started the job virtually, I got to witness first-hand the hard work every faculty member put into creating meaningful content for students despite the move online. Attending school virtually was an isolating experience and I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with WGSI at this time as the department worked tirelessly to ensure that students could still engage with the community despite moving online. Virtual events hosted by WGSI over the past year brought together like-minded individuals from around the world so that, despite the isolation-induced by multiple lockdowns, students and faculty members could still engage in lively discussion.  

Currently, I am working as a clinic coordinator at a self-care sanctuary in Liberty Village, aiding a team of health care experts as they support individuals’ mental and physical health. I’ve been able to utilize many of the skills I gained through my position with WGSI and want to acknowledge Jo Saliba, WGSI’s Administrative Assistant, who was a great resource to me throughout my time with the department. I am very thankful for her guidance, especially since we were never able to work together in person. I am excited to continue supporting the work being done by WGSI in the years to come, and will always value my time with the department.”