Guideline for Research

Ethics Review for Research on Human Subjects

UofT requires that all research involving human subjects (including interviews, observations, surveys, etc.) be approved by the Review Committee on the Use of Human Subjects, under the general auspices of the Office of Research Services, and must be structured according to the guidelines on the use of human subjects. For details, please see

Students planning research which involves human subjects for course papers or course projects should consult with their course instructor, Advisor, or the Graduate Coordinator for further advice. Students who plan to do research which involve human subjects will normally submit ethics protocols for review in the Winter session.

Guidelines for Doing Field Research

Students doing fieldwork off campus must follow the UofT guidelines for doing this fieldwork. Please note that the guidelines apply to all instances of fieldwork outside Canada as well as to certain instances of fieldwork inside Canada.

UofT maintains a website, Safety in Field Research:

Students need to complete a form containing a checklist of possible hazards as well as precautions to avoid them prior to leaving for their field research.    The form also reviews insurance and health and travel advisories; lists relevant websites to consult for further information; and asks students to provide full contact information while in the field as well as emergency contact information. The form must be signed by the student, the Supervisor, and the department Director before the student goes into the field.