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Name Title Office Number Areas of Interest
Kristen Bos Indigenous feminisms; Feminist, decolonial and Indigenous science and technology studies; Environmental justice; Material culture; Intersectional, transnational, decolonial, feminist and queer theory
Nicole Charles Transnational feminism; Caribbean feminisms; Science and technology studies; Black feminist health science studies; Gender, race and capitalism; Postcolonial biopolitics; Politics of risk and care
Robert Diaz NC WI 2043 Sexuality Studies; Transnational Feminisms; the Philippines and its Diaspora; Postcolonial Studies; Theories of Empire; Asian American and Asian Canadian Studies
Jordache A. Ellapen Gender and Sexuality Studies; Afro-diasporic Aesthetic Practices; Queer African Studies; Black Queer Studies; Afro-Asian Studies; Queer Diasporas; Race and Eroticism; Queer of Color Critique; Race and Racial Formations; American Studies; Postcolonial Studies; Critical Theory, Visual Culture
Dina Georgis Graduate Coordinator NC WI 2027 Postcolonial Studies; Affect Studies; Queer Theory; Psychoanalysis
W. Chris Johnson NC WI 2028 African Diaspora Studies; Gender and black radical traditions; Black and Third World feminisms; Transnational history; Cultural Studies; Decolonial pedagogies
June Larkin NC WI 2034 Youth sexual health; HIV/AIDS awareness and education; Arts-based approaches to research; Critical perspectives on global citizenship education; Decolonizing education; Community-based research and innovative pedagogy
Marieme Lo NC WI 2040 The political economy of gender and development, development and the human and political ecology of environmental change and disaster in Africa; Social learning, poverty, intersectional vulnerabilities and livelihood systems; Informal economies (spatial and translocal re-configurations) and neoliberalism; Female entrepreneurship, trade, artisanal production and economie solidaire; Material culture and cultural economies; African urbanisms, postcolonial cities, precarity and the “urban poor,"  and the dynamics of urban transformations; Conjugality; Governementality, intersectionality, critical race, class, gender, and citizenship in migration studies; Globalization, transnationalism, diasporic spaces and social networks, and social ethics
R. Cassandra Lord NC WI 2014 Black/feminist theory; Queer studies; Transnational feminism; Critical geography of race, space and place; Critical race studies 
Bonnie McElhinny NC WI 2042
Michelle Murphy NC WI 2039 Feminist and decolonial science and technology studies; Environmental justice; Reproductive justice; Indigenous feminism; Data and infrastructures studies
Karyn Recollet NC WI 2044 Urban Indigenous land relations; Indigenous performance; Decolonial aesthetics; Indigenous futurity
Kerry Rittich NC WI 2042
Shauna Sweeney NC WI 2028 Slavery and Emancipation; Gender and Slavery; Histories of Capitalism; Gender and Reproduction; Caribbean History; Atlantic World History; Environmental History
Victoria Tahmasebi-Birgani NC WI 2014 Feminist theories in relation to continental and transnational contexts; Critical theories of women’s movements in the Middle East; Digital activism; Theories of ethics; Contemporary history of social and political thought
Judith Taylor Social movement studies; research methodology and qualitative research methods; the politics of gender and sexuality; feminist health movements; sexual assault work; reproductive justice; pop culture, specifically graphic novels; memoir and autobiography; friendship studies; poetry and prose; public intellectual work and community-university collaboration
S. Trimble Undergraduate Coordinator NC WI 2013 Cultural studies; Black feminist thought; Queer theory; Feminist film theory; Postcolonial studies, settler colonial studies; New histories of capitalism; Atlantic histories 
D. Alissa Trotz WGSI Director NC WI 2041 Transnational feminist studies; Caribbean studies with a focus on radical intellectual traditions and feminist political economy; Transnational migration and diaspora; Social movements; Political violence; History, memory and archives
Rinaldo Walcott cultural studies and cultural theory; queer and gender theory; transnational and diaspora studies
Shana Ye Transnational feminism; Queer studies; Post-socialist studies; Affect and trauma; China studies
Lisa Yoneyama RL 14215 Memory and History; Gender and Militarism; Violence, Justice, Human Rights; Transpacific Cold War and Post-Cold War Studies; Studies of Colonialism, Empires, Neo-Colonialism; Transnational Asian/American Studies; the Nuclear Age

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Name Title Office Number Areas of Interest
M. Jacqui Alexander Emerita
Kay Armatage Emerita
Kathryn Morgan Emerita