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Name Title Office Number Areas of Interest
Kristen Bos Indigenous feminisms; Feminist, decolonial and Indigenous science and technology studies; Environmental justice; Material culture; Intersectional, transnational, decolonial, feminist and queer theory
Nicole Charles Transnational feminism; Caribbean feminisms; Science and technology studies; Black feminist health science studies; Postcolonial biopolitics; Politics of risk and care
Robert Diaz Sexuality Studies; Transnational Feminisms; the Philippines and its Diaspora; Postcolonial Studies; Theories of Empire; Asian American and Asian Canadian Studies
Jordache A. Ellapen Gender and Sexuality Studies; Afro-diasporic Aesthetic Practices; Queer African Studies; Black Queer Studies; Afro-Asian Studies; Queer Diasporas; Race and Eroticism; Queer of Color Critique; Race and Racial Formations; American Studies; Postcolonial Studies; Critical Theory, Visual Culture
Dina Georgis Graduate Coordinator Postcolonial Studies; Affect Studies; Queer Theory; Psychoanalysis
Wafaa Hasan Cultural Studies and Critical Theory; Decolonial, Indigenous, Feminist (and otherwise, Anti-Oppressive) Research Methodologies; Decolonial and Anti-Racist Feminist Theory; Transnational Feminist Studies
W. Chris Johnson African Diaspora Studies; Gender and black radical traditions; Black and Third World feminisms; Transnational history; Cultural Studies; Decolonial pedagogies
Marieme Lo The political economy of gender and development, development and the human and political ecology of environmental change and disaster in Africa; Social learning, poverty, intersectional vulnerabilities and livelihood systems; Informal economies (spatial and translocal re-configurations) and neoliberalism; Female entrepreneurship, trade, artisanal production and economie solidaire; Material culture and cultural economies; African urbanisms, postcolonial cities, precarity and the “urban poor,"  and the dynamics of urban transformations; Conjugality; Governementality, intersectionality, critical race, class, gender, and citizenship in migration studies; Globalization, transnationalism, diasporic spaces and social networks, and social ethics
R. Cassandra Lord Black/feminist theory; Queer studies; Transnational feminism; Critical geography of race, space and place; Critical race studies 
Robyn Maynard Black feminist thought; Black social movements; Abolition; Policing, borders, carcerality; Black/Anti-colonial studies; Black and Indigenous solidarities; Black Canadian studies
Robyn Maynard Black feminist thought; Black social movements; Abolition; Policing, borders, carcerality; Black/Anti-colonial studies; Black and Indigenous solidarities; Black Canadian studies
Bonnie McElhinny
Shahrzad Mojab
Michelle Murphy Feminist, queer, and decolonial science and technology studies; Environmental justice; Reproductive justice Indigenous feminism; Data and infrastructures studies; Racial Capitalism; Methods
Karyn Recollet Urban Indigenous land relations; Indigenous performance; Decolonial aesthetics; Indigenous futurity
Kerry Rittich
Shauna Sweeney Slavery and Emancipation; Gender and Slavery; Histories of Capitalism; Gender and Reproduction; Caribbean History; Atlantic World History; Environmental History
Victoria Tahmasebi-Birgani Feminist theories in relation to continental and transnational contexts; Critical theories of women’s movements in the Middle East; Digital activism; Theories of ethics; Contemporary history of social and political thought
Judith Taylor Social movement studies; research methodology and qualitative research methods; the politics of gender and sexuality; feminist health movements; sexual assault work; reproductive justice; pop culture, specifically graphic novels; memoir and autobiography; friendship studies; poetry and prose; public intellectual work and community-university collaboration
S. Trimble (she/they) Undergraduate Coordinator Feminist Cultural studies; Black Feminist thought; Queer and Trans studies; Storytelling and Genre; Autobiography, Memoir, Creative Non-Fiction Writing
D. Alissa Trotz WGSI Director Transnational feminist studies; Caribbean Studies with a focus on radical intellectual traditions and feminist political economy; Transnational migration and diaspora; Social movements; Political violence; History, memory and archives
Shana Ye Transnational feminism; Queer studies; Post-socialist studies; Affect and trauma; China studies
Lisa Yoneyama Memory and History; Gender and Militarism; Violence, Justice, Human Rights; Transpacific Cold War and Post-Cold War Studies; Studies of Colonialism, Empires, Neo-Colonialism; Transnational Asian/American Studies; the Nuclear Age

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Name Title Office Number Areas of Interest
M. Jacqui Alexander Emerita
Kay Armatage Emerita
June Larkin Emerita
Kathryn Morgan Emerita