Cameron Powell

Areas of Interest

  • Modern and Contemporary Political Thought
  • Black Studies
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Feminism and Feminist Theory
  • Postcolonial Theory and Anticolonialism


Cameron Powell (he/him/his) is an interdisciplinary scholar who studies philosophy and political thought, primarily focusing on the twentieth- and twenty-first century Americas. His research explores how race and gender have been conceptualized, and, in particular, how those ways of conceptualizing race and gender produce ideas about the political. He is likewise interested in contemporary developments in theorizing race and the new political forms that those turns herald, especially approaches influenced by psychoanalysis and psychopolitics.

Most recently, Cameron has written an MA thesis interpreting Cedric J. Robinson’s political thought, focusing on his theory of “rejection” and the distinction that he draws between “rejection” and “critique” as competing genres of political practice. Cameron’s other scholarly interests include Christianity, Marxism, sexuality, education, rhetoric and composition, and writing pedagogy.

Program: PhD 2021


MA University of Chicago, MA Program in the Social Sciences, grad. 2020

BA Bard College at Simon’s Rock, Mathematics & Political Studies, grad. 2016


Supervisor: Rinaldo Walcott