Women & Gender Studies Institute

Group A & B Courses

GROUP A: Courses with a Primary Focus on Women and Gender Relations

Please note that certain courses are offered in alternating years, or every three years.

ANT343H        Social Anthropology of Gender
ANT456H        Queer Ethnography
ANT460H        Global Perspectives on Women’s Health
JAL355H          Language and Gender

Canadian Studies (University College)
UNI335H/CDN 335H          Black Canadian Studies

Caribbean Studies
NEW325H        Caribbean Women Thinkers

CLA219H        Women in Antiquity
CLA319H        Sexuality and Gender in Classical Literature

East Asian Studies    
EAS462H        Ethnographic Literature on Korea: Class, Gender and Family

ENG273H        Queer Writing
ENG307H        Women Writers, 1660-1800
ENG355H        Indigenous Women’s Literature

Equity Studies
NEW240Y        Introduction to Equity Studies
NEW341H        Theorizing Equity
NEW449H       Contemporary Theories in Disability Studies

FRE304H        Contemporary French Women’s Prose Fiction

GGR320H        Geographies of Transnationalism, Migration and Gender
GGR327H         Geography and Gender

GER421H        Gender and Identity

Health Studies (University College)
HST237H        Introduction to HIV/AIDS: Health, Sexuality and Gender

HIS202H        Gender, Race and Science
HIS205H         Topics in Women’s History
HIS297Y          History of Africa from a Gender Perspective
HIS306H        Culture, Society and Gender in England, 1560–1730
HIS348H        Topics in Gender History
HIS354H        Men, Gender & Power in Europe from the Renaissance to the French Revolution
HIS363H        Dynamics of Gender in Canadian History
HIS383H        Women in African History
HIS406H        Advanced Topics in Gender History
HIS446H        Gender and Slavery in the Atlantic World
HIS448H        Gender in East and Southeast Asia
HIS481H         Elite Women, Power, and Modernity in Twentieth Century Africa

ITA455H         Women Writers in Italy

Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations
NMC284H        Judaism and Feminism
NMC484H        Gender-related Topics in Law and Religion

PHL243H        Philosophy of Human Sexuality
PHL367H        Philosophy of Feminism

Political Science
POL344Y         Social Movements in Europe and North America
POL432H        Feminist Theory: Challenges to Legal and Political Thought
POL450H        Women and Politics
JPU315H          Sexual Diversity Politics
JPP343H          Women in Western Political Thought

PSY323H          Sex Roles and Behaviour

RLG235H       Religion, Gender and Sexuality
RLG311H        Gender, Body and Sexuality in Asian Traditions
RLG312H        Gender, Body and Sexuality in Islam
RLG313H        Gender, Sexuality and Religion in the West
RLG315H        Rites of Passage
RLG416H        Topics in Religion and Gender

Renaissance Studies (Victoria College)
VIC342H        Women and Writing in the Renaissance
VIC343Y         Sex and Gender

Sexual Diversity Studies (University College)
SDS346H        Feminist and Queer Approaches to Technology
SDS377H        Lesbian Studies

Slavic Languages and Literatures
SLA248H        Women and Women’s Themes in Ukrainian Literature
SLA453H        Women in East European Fiction and Autobiography

SOC214H        Family Patterns
SOC265H        Gender and Society
SOC314H        Family Relations (formerly SOC214Y)
SOC365H        Gender Relations
SOC366H        Sociology of Women and Work
SOC367H        Race, Class, and Gender
SOC383H        The Sociology of Women and International Migration
SOC465H        Exploring the Complexities of Gender

SPA382H        Spanish American Women in Art, Film, and Literature

Visual Studies
VIS209H        Women in Visual Art

GROUP B: Courses with a Minor Focus on Women and Gender Relations

Please note that certain courses are offered in alternating years, or every three years.

ANT329H        Language and Power Structure
ANT427H        Language, Ideology, and Political Economy
ANT477H         Transnational Korea in and Outside the Peninsula

Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health
NEW214H        Socially Engaged Buddhism

Canadian Studies (University College)
UNI325H        Queerly Canadian

Cinema Studies
CIN332Y          Screening Race
CIN373Y           Contemporary World Cinema (formerly INI 380Y1)
CIN432H          Adv Soc Cultural (Programming and Curation)

East Asian Studies
EAS314H1      Culture & World After Hiroshima & Nagasaki

ENG270Y          Colonial and Postcolonial Writing
ENG273Y          Queer Writing
ENG323H        Austen and Her Contemporaries
ENG370H        Postcolonial and Transnational Discourses

Equity Studies
NEW241Y          Introduction to Disability Studies
NEW344Y         Equity and the Body
NEW345H        Equity and Activism in Education

FCS390H        Cultural Studies in France: Foucault and after

GER250H        Topics in German Film History

GGR328H        Labour Geographies
GGR363H        Critical Geographies: An Introduction to Radical Ideas on Space, Society and Culture
GGR457H        The Post-War Suburbs

Health Studies (University College)
HST211H         Health Policy in Canada
HST310H        Critical Health Policy
HST330H       Population Health

HIS459H        Soviet History and Film, 1921–1946
HIS474H        Historical Narratives of Caribbean Decolonization

History of Art
FAH246H        Art Since 1900

Italian Studies
ITA493H        Italian-Canadian Literature II: Identity and Voice

Paradigms and Archetypes
NEW302Y        C.G. Jung:  Stories, Patterns, Symbols

PHL268H        Philosophy and Social Criticism
PHL281H         Bioethics
PHL373H         Issues in Environmental Ethics
PHL380H        Global Bioethics
PHL384H         Ethics, Genetics and Reproduction

Political Science
POL480H      Studies in Comparative Political Theory
JPR364Y        Religion and Politics

Renaissance Studies (Victoria College)
VIC341H         The Self and Society: Women, Men and Children

Sexual Diversity Studies
SDS255H        History and Perspectives in Sexual Diversity
SDS256H        Social scientific Approaches to Sexuality
SDS345H        Sex and the Epidemic:  Social Work, HIV, and Human Sexuality
SDS354H        Theories of Sexuality I: The Foundations
SDS355H        Theories of Sexuality II: Contemporary Perspectives
SDS365H        Sexuality and the Law
SDS379H        Queer Popular Culture
SDS475H        The New Queer Visibility
SDS477H        Transgender Studies
SDS478H        Queer Musics

SOC207Y         Sociology of Work and Occupations
SOC220H        Social Inequality in Canada
SOC281H        Culture and Inequality
SOC309Y        HIV and AIDS: Social Policies and Programs
SOC410H        Sexuality and Modernity

Spanish and Portuguese
PRT351H        Discovery and Conquest:  Literature and Nationhood

Visual Studies
VIS310H        Imaging the Political