WGSRF Undergraduate Essay Prize – WGS Student Recipients

The two winners of the National Women and Gender Studies Undergraduate Essay Prize are students enrolled in the Undergraduate Program in Women and Gender Studies.  For details about the prize, please go to the WGSRF website:


First prize went to Johanna Lewis.  The title of her paper is: “Canadian Imperialism, Queer Diasporas, and Pinkwatching Jason Kenny”, a paper written in WGS434H: Black Diasporic Feminisms: Modernity, Freedom, Citizenship, a course taught by Alissa Trotz.  Johanna is currently completing a Major in Women and Gender Studies.

Co-winner of second prize is Tyler Carson.  The title of his paper is: “He’s Got a Rainbow Gun’: Homonationalism and the Israel-Palestine Conflict,” a paper written in WGS451H: Independent Study in Women and Gender Studies, taught by Dina Georgis.  The paper is being published in the spring issue of Interstitial: A Journal of Modern Culture and Events.  Tyler is currently completing a Specialist in Women and Gender Studies and will be serving as Co-President of the Women and Gender Studies Student Union (WGSSU) in 2013-2014.
Both students have been invited to an awards ceremony at Congress, in Victoria, in June, and will be honoured there.

Congratulations to Johanna and Tyler!