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Photo Name Title Areas of Interest
Binta Bajaha PhD Student Feminist Political Ecology and Political Economy; Gendered and Intersectional Vulnerability associated with Climate Change in the Sahel; Climate Humanitarism and Climate Financing; Gender Transformative Climate Responses within United Nation’s Framework; African Feminist, Transnational Feminism and Feminist Praxis; Environmental Politics, Governance Regime and Securitization in the Sahel; Agri-Food Regime; Livelihood and Human Security; Feminist Studies of Migration and Displacement
Reese Carr PhD Student Trans and Queer Studies; Ethics of Care; Community Organizing and Education; Kinship
Faye Cook PhD Student
Vanbasten Noronha de Araújo PhD Student Decolonial Science and Technology Studies; Environmental Humanities; Queer Ecologies; Sexual and Reproductive Health; Latin American Studies; Brazilian Studies
Enis Demirer PhD Student Memory; Queer Aesthetic Practices; Queer Cultural Studies; Visual Studies; Aesthetics of Joy; Archives
Naomi Farhloul MA Student Environmental Justice; Artivism; Solidarity; Decolonial Feminism
Hazal Halavut PhD Student Collective memory; Aesthetics of mourning; Critical literary theory; Trauma and literature; Psychoanalysis; Genocide studies; State violence
Kaylee G. Hamilton PhD Student Critical race theory; Critical Disability studies; Blackness; Neoliberalism and the body; Girlhood studies; Black Fat Studies
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Huda Hassan Doctoral Candidate Black cultural and feminist studies; Transnational Black Feminisms; (Black) cultural studies; African Diasporas; Black feminist cultural criticism; Journalism ethics ; Cultural identity, diaspora and belonging; The politics of difference; Race and Ethnicity in Canada
Esra Kazanbas PhD Student Body Politics; Biopower; Spatial Theory; Violence Against Women; Transnational Feminism 
Zarah Khan PhD Student Land Relations; Memory Studies; Genocide Studies; Visual Cultures; Aesthetic Expression 
Kate Lahey PhD Student Intergenerational trauma; material culture; memory; family secrets; incest
Lindsay Leblanc Politics of science and technology; Feminist STS methodology; Machines and machine metaphors
Ferdie Lopez PhD Student Transnational (Filipino) Gender and Sexuality; Urban Space and Sexuality; Filipino Migrant Literatures; Philippine Culture-based Education
Robyn Maynard PhD Candidate Black Political Thought; Black Social Movements; Carceral Studies; Border Studies; Abolition; Transnational Black Feminisms; Black Radical Tradition
Julie-Ann McCausland Black Feminism; Postmodernism; Black Atlantic Theory; Transnational Feminisms; Critical Race Theory; Caribbean Studies; Anti-Colonialism; Queer Studies; Caribbean's colonial-era Homophobic Laws
Maya Morgan MA Student Afro-Futurism; The Black Atlantic; Mapping; Hauntology; Homopoetics; Black Geographies; Archives; Curation; Oral history
Melissa Nesrallah PhD Candidate Disability Justice; Mad Studies; Memory Studies; Trauma-Informed Pedagogy; Transformative Justice; Care Work / Mutual Aid; Decolonial Theory; Witnessing / Testimony; Storytelling
Jade Nixon PhD Student Transnational Feminism; Black Studies - Black Geographies; Performance Studies; Cultural Studies
Sandra D. Noel PhD Student Gendered-based Violence; Caribbean Carnival; Child Sexual Abuse; Colonialism and Post-Colonial Studies; Critical Studies; Black Diaspora and Transnational Studies; Feminism and Political Studies; Race and Cultural Studies; Human Rights
Henar Perales PhD Candidate Postcolonial studies; Gift theory; Whiteness critique; Aesthetics; Philosophy 
Adriana M. Pérez-Rodríguez PhD Student Transnational feminism, Diaspora studies (Colombo-Venezuelan), Critical border studies, Sexual borders, Sexual citizenship, Governance politics and securitization in the Colombo-Venezuelan migrant context, and Nationalism and creation of otherness
Ryan Persadie PhD Student Caribbean Studies; Sexuality Studies; Queer Diasporas; Transnational Feminisms; Performance Studies; Popular Culture (with focus on music, dance and vocality); Sound Studies; Queer Studies; Drag Culture; Afro-Asian Studies
Cameron Powell PhD Student Modern and Contemporary Political Thought; Black Studies; Psychoanalysis; Feminism and Feminist Theory; Postcolonial Theory and Anticolonialism
Mari Rossi PhD Student Psychoanalytic Theory; Affect Theory; Queer Theory; Aesthetic Expression
Sam Sanchinel PhD Candidate Transgender Theory; Continental Philosophy of Religion; Latinx Studies
Leslyn Stobbs MA Student Black Feminist Thought; Affect Theory; Disability Justice; Politics of Food; Necropolitics; Oppression & Space
Heng Wang MA Student Trans Studies, Transnational Feminism, Sinophone Queer Studies, Sex Work and Pornography, Black Horror Cinema, State Violence and Censorship, Social Movement, and Ethnographic Filmmaking
Samuel Yoon PhD Student Transnational Feminisms; Asian American and Asian Canadian Studies; Queer Diaspora; Korea and the Diaspora