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Photo Name Title Areas of Interest
Binta Bajaha PhD Student Feminist Political Ecology and Political Economy; Gendered and Intersectional Vulnerability associated with Climate Change in the Sahel; Climate Humanitarism and Climate Financing; Gender Transformative Climate Responses within United Nation’s Framework; African Feminist, Transnational Feminism and Feminist Praxis; Environmental Politics, Governance Regime and Securitization in the Sahel; Agri-Food Regime; Livelihood and Human Security; Feminist Studies of Migration and Displacement
Guita Banan MA Student Feminist and decolonial science and technology studies; Transnational studies; History and philosophy of science
Darlyne Bautista PhD Student Women, Gender, and Labour; Oral History (Filipino-Canadian); Philippine Transnationalism; Diaspora Studies; Affect and Trauma
Grace Cameron MA Student Abolition; Prison Justice; Participatory Action Research; Rhetoric and Discourse Analysis
Reese Carr PhD Student Trans and Queer Studies; Ethics of Care; Community Organizing and Education; Kinship
Faye Cook PhD Student Indigenous Gender and Sexuality; Transsexual Embodiment; Indigenous LGBTQ2S Identities; Decolonial Poetics; Trans Cultural Production; Feminist Philosophy
Vanbasten Noronha de Araújo PhD Student Decolonial Science and Technology Studies; Environmental Humanities; Queer Ecologies; Sexual and Reproductive Health; Latin American Studies; Brazilian Studies
Emily Ehrensperger MA Student Queer, Feminist, and Decolonial Science & Technology Studies; Critical Disability Studies; Critical Data Studies; Queer Studies
Zeinab Farokhi  PhD Candidate
Angie Fazekas PhD Candidate Fan studies; Youth and adolescent studies; Critical Race Theory; Queer Theory; Social Media
Katrina Fukuda PhD Student
Cornel Grey PhD Candidate Black studies; Black geographies; Black queer studies
Hazal Halavut PhD Student Collective memory; Aesthetics of mourning; Critical literary theory; Trauma and literature; Psychoanalysis; Genocide studies; State violence
Kaylee G. Hamilton PhD Student Critical race theory; Critical Disability studies; Blackness; Neoliberalism and the body; Girlhood studies; Black Fat Studies
Huda Hassan
Esra Kazanbas PhD Student Body Politics; Biopower; Spatial Theory; Violence Against Women; Transnational Feminism 
Zarah Khan PhD Student Land Relations; Memory Studies; Genocide Studies; Visual Cultures; Aesthetic Expression 
Kate Lahey PhD Student Intergenerational trauma; material culture; memory; family secrets; incest
Lindsay Leblanc Politics of science and technology; Feminist STS methodology; Machines and machine metaphors
Rui Liu MA Student Asian diasporic cultural studies ; Comparative racialization; Asian settler colonialism; Queer of colour critique; Feminist science and technology studies
Ferdie Lopez PhD Student Transnational (Filipino) Gender and Sexuality; Urban Space and Sexuality; Filipino Migrant Literatures; Philippine Culture-based Education
Sadia Mahmood PhD Student Diplomacy; Foreign service; Public service; International relations 
Robyn Maynard PhD Candidate Black Political Thought; Black Social Movements; Carceral Studies; Border Studies; Abolition; Transnational Black Feminisms; Black Radical Tradition
Melissa Nesrallah PhD Candidate
Jade Nixon PhD Student Transnational Feminism; Black Studies - Black Geographies; Performance Studies; Cultural Studies
Sandra D. Noel PhD Student Critical Studies; Black Diaspora and Transnational Studies; Colonialism and Post-Colonial Studies; Feminism and Political Studies; Race and Cultural Studies; Human Rights    
Henar Perales PhD Candidate Postcolonial studies; Gift theory; Whiteness critique; Aesthetics; Philosophy 
Ryan Persadie PhD Student Caribbean Studies; Performance and Embodiment; Queer Diaspora and Erotic Geographies; Transnational Sexualities; Caribbean Feminisms; Indo-Caribbean and Indentureship Studies; Popular Culture; Sound, Dance and Vocality; Caribbean Masculinities; Afro-Asian Studies; Drag Cultures
Cameron Powell PhD Student Modern and Contemporary Political Thought; Black Studies; Psychoanalysis; Feminism and Feminist Theory; Postcolonial Theory and Anticolonialism
Mari Rossi PhD Student Psychoanalytic Theory; Affect Theory; Queer Theory; Aesthetic Expression
Sam Sanchinel PhD Student Transgender Theory; Continental Philosophy of Religion; Latinx Studies
Samuel Yoon PhD Student Transnational Feminisms; Asian American and Asian Canadian Studies; Queer Diaspora; Korea and the Diaspora